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Wordless Wednesday

Finally got my nails professionally done… I am quite happy…



I will be teaching this next semester in lieu of American Gods…





Who happens to match my bed coverings…



My mother taking pictures… snapped before I had a chance to turn around…


And then I *did* turn around… yes, that is her finger in the photo…


I saw this picture, I liked it, and took a picture of it…


Took Tanya out… she took pictures… I was dazed by the flash…


Much better without the flash…
















Casey’s (Tanya’s husband’s) birthday dinner…




I Got My Nails Done – With A Story

I got my nails done today, and following the nail process tradition, there is of course a story to go along with it.
So I am going to a wedding tomorrow, which is what prompted this nail doing business. I went with a friend to this nail place, and opted to get the fancy gel stuff done again. Last time, despite the ridiculous price, the nails turned out really well, and they lasted for three weeks. So what the heck, I don’t do this often, therefore I did it again. Once more, they turned out very nice. I am happy with the end result.
However, I did not plan my primping very well. I planned to get my nails done this morning, followed by coming home and dying my hair myself. Because I wasn’t going to spend a small fortune on two salon experiences. What I had forgotten is that this gel treatment has a very bad reaction with hair dye. Last time, unaware of this, I did my hair a few days after my nails and the dye totally stained my nails, and would not come off. So my nails were no longer the color I had originally intended. It wasn’t horrible, but still I was unhappy.
This time, just as I was mixing the hair dye in the little plastic tube I fortunately remembered, and in my paranoia I put on several pairs of plastic gloves. I was super careful, and even bagged my hands while washing my hair to avoid any accidents. I was afraid of what might happen if the red hair dye even came into contact with my nails for a few seconds in the shower.
I was very proud of myself when I emerged form the process with my nails looking as perfect as they were before doing my hair. Then I looked in the mirror. I was so preoccupied with maintaining my nails I did not take into account the red hair dye that was getting spilled all over my neck and shoulders. After the dye sat on my skin for about 45 minutes it stained my skin.
And tomorrow I am wearing a strapless dress to the wedding.
I now have fabulous hair and nails. And my upper body looks like I tried to self tan very poorly with orange streaks all over the place.
In conclusion, I am a genius.

Past, Present, and Future Stuff

Before I present the list of articles I have written across the vast internets… I would like to announce Confessions from the Crib will be moving. It will be better than ever, much more user friendly, and just all around more awesome.
I am sure you are asking where I will be moving… and as soon as I get the new place fixed up you are all going to be invited. Keep checking back. Until the new site is running properly I will still be posting here and business will continue as usual. This includes my pregnancy series, and other fun stuff.
For now, I hope the following will entertain.
Is there anything you particularity want to see me cover? Any topics you care to hear my take on?