The Lydgate Project

This is a project that stemmed from a paper I presented at the International Medieval Conference at Kalamazoo, 2016. As I was contemplating potential research trajectories I decided to reacquaint myself with some of my favorite Lydgate poetry.

Each post is a short poem in its entirety, or pieces of a longer work. Per usual, these are just brief explorations of different topics, or points I found to be most interesting. Each post comes with an accompanying list of sources that go into much further depth and detail within the various sections.

“A Complaynt of a Loveres Lyfe”

Stanzas 1-6, lines 1-42

Stanzas 7-14, lines 43-98

Stanzas 15-20, lines 99-140

Stanzas 21-27, lines 141-189

Stanzas 28-35, lines 190-245

Stanzas 36-43, lines 246-301

Stanzas 44-51, lines 302-357

Stanzas 52-54, lines 358-378

Stanzas 55-60, lines 379-420

Stanzas 61-70, lines 421-483

Stanzas 71-79, lines 484-546

Stanzas 80-89, lines 547-616

Stanazas 90-98, lines 617-681


“The Dietary”


“As A Mydsomer Rose”

Part I

Part II