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Past, Present, and Future Stuff

Before I present the list of articles I have written across the vast internets… I would like to announce Confessions from the Crib will be moving. It will be better than ever, much more user friendly, and just all around more awesome.
I am sure you are asking where I will be moving… and as soon as I get the new place fixed up you are all going to be invited. Keep checking back. Until the new site is running properly I will still be posting here and business will continue as usual. This includes my pregnancy series, and other fun stuff.
For now, I hope the following will entertain.
Is there anything you particularity want to see me cover? Any topics you care to hear my take on?

Tech Gadgets: Kindle Fire Review

For Christmas I received a Kindle Fire. It was love at first sight. I wanted to rave about it instantly, but I also wanted to wait to play around with it for a week or two so I can give you guys a better review.
Visually, it is very pleasing. There is no glare from the screen, and staring at it for extended periods of time does not give you a headache. I fought the urge to buy an e-reader for a long time because I thought it would be like reading a book on your computer screen, and that gets painful after a while. I was very wrong.
It has internet capabilities, and you can browse websites, Facebook, Twitter, buy apps, play Words With Friends, Angry Birds, or whatever. I update and monitor this blog from it almost nightly.
You have access to millions of books and publications, so you are saving paper on all fronts.
Basically, the only difference between the Kindle Fire and the iPad, is the screen size, memory, and internet connection.  With the iPad you are connected to the internet at all times, anywhere. The Kindle Fire needs wi-fi connectivity to connect. But in this day and age, wi-fi is everywhere, so it really should not be too much of a problem.
“What about it the car? There is no wi-fi there.” If you are driving, you should not be using your kindle. So that takes care of that.
The second point that kept me from getting the Kindle was the upfront price. I didn’t want to spend $199 on something I didn’t think I really needed. I now realize it practically pays for itself. I will be saving five times the original price in books in just one year. Books you buy on the Kindle are only a fraction of the price of regular paper books.  With the amount of reading I do yearly, plus the fact that the Kindle will last me for many years to come, it was a win/win purchase.
Some of the coolest features I personally enjoy include the Pulse application that is a customizable newsfeed. I can keep up with some of my favorite magazines, fashion data, and world news at a touch of a screen.
I can also stream interact able children’s books, like Dr. Seuss so Munchie can be kept busy on the go. Not to mention I have full access to YouTube, and all the kids programming available on there.
I can download songs and stream whole movies. The Kindle comes with a first month subscription to Amazon Prime, so all this is free right now. Unlike the iPad, I cannot save my entire music library onto the Kindle due to the memory constraints, but I have my ipod for that, so really, it is a non issue.
Seriously, if you have been in the market for a tablet, but don’t want to shell out for an iPad, the Kindle Fire is the absolute next best thing. I am not knocking the iPad in any way. I think it is great, and would be just as thrilled to have one, but for my needs, the Kindle Fire is the best.
Your other option is the Barnes and Noble Nook. It is only a few dollars more, but it is restrictive in that you are locked into buying only from Barnes and Noble. I love Barnes and Noble, but they don’t always have everything I need, and their prices aren’t always competitive with Amazon. I wanted to mention this because I could not have a discussion on e-readers and tablets without at least mentioning the Nook. It is a great product, only has a few shortcomings, but definitely worth keeping an eye on in the next few months.
Your best bet in the end is to go to Amazon and fiddle around with all the tablets. You will quickly figure out what you want, and which ones fit your needs. I write this from personal experience, and my advice is a guiding point, but only you can fully determine what is best for you. Look around, see what is out there, and comment away if you have any other suggestions or question.