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Speaking of indignant men, I just received an email from one, unrightfully so. He asked me out to dinner earlier this week. I declined. And by “asked” I mean he sauntered into my office, and told me he is taking me out to dinner on Friday. Um… no. As I went back to doing whatever it is I was doing (I am sure it was very important!), he picked up a pad of paper, wrote down the time and venue and handed it to me stating “I will see you then.” Um… no. Really, you won’t. He was walking out when I reminded him I wouldn’t be there.

I tried being very nice about it, stating I wasn’t really feeling up to it, and all that, but as he was walking away, I made my intentions very clear. At least I think I did.

So he just emailed me to let me know how disappointed he was that I stood him up, and had not previously realized how unreliable I was. Unreliable?? First of all, I am pedantically punctual to every occasion, with profuse apologies if I am running even a few moments late. Secondly, I did *exactly* what I said I was going go do, and that is, not show up.

Then he had the audacity to offer me the “opportunity” to “make it up” to him. How about no? To any and all of the above.

I want to reply, but I won’t. I am obviously angry and lacking tact at the moment. Not to say I am overflowing with tact on a regular basis, as my foot practically lives in my mouth, but my usual faux pas are far more harmless than what I would like to write to him right now.

In the meantime my wedding ring is going *right* back on my finger. While I am at it I will also start carrying random pictures of George Clooney. I mean, if I am going to pretend to be married, then George is the obvious solution.

Dating Advice From A Married Woman

I have not been single for a while. But I have not forgot what it is like. For those of you still single, and looking for someone, I would like to share some advice from the female perspective.
I have a friend who is single and looking for a girl friend. I have given this same advice to him on multiple occasions, and so far, he has not taken it. I know, unsolicited advice is the worst kind. And really, I should stop. But I do it because I care. I imagine if you are still reading this, you are at the very least curious about what I have to say. Maybe you will seriously consider it.
If you are looking to find out how to find the girl of your dreams, woo her, and live happily ever after, I am sorry to disappoint, but my advice is only for the first handful of dates. After that you are on your own.
Let’s begin with what everyone already knows and build from there. Women like to be wooed and wowed, and go home after a first date feeling woozy in their knees. Wowza! That is a tall order.
This is where most men generally assume that a woman will more likely feel this if she is taken out to a wonderful dinner, and has a great time on the date. Yes, this is partly correct. Here is where the “partly” comes in. Women want to be wowed, by YOU. Not your wallet. Unless she is a gold digger, in which case my methods will help weed her out. You are welcome.
Offering a woman an amazing first date filled with a luxurious dinner, carriage ride through Central Park, and a helicopter flight over the Hollywood Sign seems like a wonderful idea (and by the way, this is advice on dating, not a geography lesson). But what you are doing is setting unreal expectations. This approach is only valid if you are not seeking a deep relationship and just want to either get laid, or at best have a superficial girl friend. In which case you wouldn’t be reading this so I think it is safe to assume you want to find someone genuine.
In order to do this, she must know the real you. Go to Chili’s or Friday’s or whatever similar place is handy in your neighborhood. You are setting the standards. This is what date night is like with you. Ruth Chris’ Steak House is reserved for special occasions. One year anniversary. Her birthday. You want her to have a good time with you because she likes you. This is what she gets. If she likes you, and genuinely wants to be with you, Chili’s will be a blast. If she is looking for money or something else, well, she won’t take your call next time, and you have just averted falling for Miss Wrong.
Honestly, I can’t stress this enough. Aside from my friend I watch men do this all the time. They get a date with a girl they really like and plan this lavish and elaborate first date. Then when they can’t keep it up over time (because most men don’t have that kind of money), the relationship fizzles out. Now the men are upset because of all the wasted time, effort, and expense.
When I was dating I wanted to feel special. This entailed attention, not physical gifts. Sure, I like nice places and pretty trinkets. But what I love are phone calls, texts, emails, and time together. I want to feel appreciated. I want to know he is thinking about me. My husband and I still maintain this. We email throughout the day, text, occasionally call (I am not huge on phone calls), and make the best out of any time we get together. We have had one “date night” in the past two months. What did we chose to do? Have lunch at a fast food place. And I had an amazing time.
Of course we are married, and he is no longer trying to win me over. He already knows I love him. But it was the same even when we were dating. If a girl likes you, she likes YOU. Everything else is an added bonus. So stop setting yourself up for failure and give the next girl you go out with the chance to fall for the real you.
What dating advice do you wish you could give to others?

Courtney Stodden Stuns Alright

I must be out of the loop because I just saw this. I had no idea, and frankly, I am sorry I now have an idea. For any of you who have apparently been living in a hole for the past couple of weeks like me, here is something you will regret knowing.
Courtney Stodden was last seen at a pumpkin patch. For someone who just got married, this seems like a normal family activity. However, her attire was anything but family friendly.
Her husband, “Lost” star Doug Hutchison tweeted earlier that day about hitting the “hot and heavy” hay. I have heard many adjectives used to describe hay. Hot and heavy were among them, as in “boy, it’s hot outside and this bale of hay is really heavy!” Yeah, we are sure that is exactly what Doug meant.
Supposedly the couple, ever as subtle as a train wreck, were thrown out of the pumpkin patch for staging a paparazzi photo op. I am sure the charming young lady’s outfit and nauseating poses had nothing to do with that decision.
After the entire fiasco Stodden tweeted “Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! 🙂 ‘Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.’ John 7:24.” Sadly it is hard to judge her directly. A lot of teenage girls would jump at the opportunity for fame and fortune, while being whisked off their feet by Prince Charming. It is usually the family, namely the parents, who try to knock some sense into them.
Unfortunately for Stodden, she does not have this benefit. Once her parents found out about the impending matrimony, they not only supported their daughter’s decision, but aided it along by signing her away at sixteen, and rushing her to Vegas for a speedy marriage. Her dad was on board with the whole plan.
Is she so untalented that this was the only way her parents thought she would succeed? Perhaps she will be the next Ke$ha. Recently Merv Griffin Entertainment signed her and Doug up for their own reality show. Move over Heidi Montag.