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Courtney Stodden Update

In case any of you were wondering, Courtney Stodden is totally up to her usual antics. I have been keeping my eye on her, and have been waiting for her to do something, anything, which I could write about.
She has done plenty, especially in her tribute to our nation, which is um… patriotic, at best. But I have yet to find anything I really wish to post on here. Honestly, her latest endeavors have been so skanky and trashy I can’t bring myself to put them up.
Perez Hilton has posted some of her recent shenanigans, so feel free to view them there. But I have to warn you, it will be disappointing. Nothing weird, or quirky. Nothing to write home about. Not even anything to make the news. Just Courtney. In a bikini. In fact I have yet to see pictures/video of her when she is fully dressed. Or half dressed. But for those of you who are fascinated by her body not in the same way as me, feel free to enjoy the scantly clad Courtney in all her glory.

What Are You Doing Courtney Stodden? – A Video of Sorts

I have no idea what to maker of this. My fascination with the woman had me looking her up again. I found the video and pressed play. then I pressed play again. And again. And again. I am so confused I replayed it multiple times trying to make sense of what she is doing. I still have no clue. Maybe you can help.This is a cross between Hello Kitty, and as Perez Hilton stated, or better yet insinuated, a demented version of Cat Woman. Long after she lost her mind.

Courtney, for the love of God, explain yourself.

And don’t eat cat food, it causes bad breath.

Courtney Stodden Five Months Later

At some point I wrote a post about Courtney Stodden. These were the days when I was trying out new things with the blog (those days are far from over because I do this all the time), and I was experimenting with a celeb gossip/newsy angle. This was short lived even though I still occasionally dip into that well.
Nevertheless, 5 months later, I still get people clicking away onto my site from running Google searches for “Courtney Stodden pumpkin patch.”
First off, I am sure very fashionable and classy Miss Stodden has since then been sighted in various other locations wearing her usual next to nothing. Surely there are more recent pictures of her for these folks to look up.
Second, and even more curious, why is my site coming up at all? I have only blogged about her once. Five months ago. So of course I ran a search myself to further investigate this phenomena. As expected, the Huffington Post came up first, followed by other gossip/newsy sites. Then, after clicking through about 45 pages of search results, I gave up. So how many pages did these people click through before they got to my site? And more importantly, why?
Blogging stats never fail to amaze and amuse.
In other news, I bought some new socks and I expect them to last until the end of the month. More on this to come (with an explanation).

P.S. This is the explanation about my socks.