Courtney Stodden Update

In case any of you were wondering, Courtney Stodden is totally up to her usual antics. I have been keeping my eye on her, and have been waiting for her to do something, anything, which I could write about.
She has done plenty, especially in her tribute to our nation, which is um… patriotic, at best. But I have yet to find anything I really wish to post on here. Honestly, her latest endeavors have been so skanky and trashy I can’t bring myself to put them up.
Perez Hilton has posted some of her recent shenanigans, so feel free to view them there. But I have to warn you, it will be disappointing. Nothing weird, or quirky. Nothing to write home about. Not even anything to make the news. Just Courtney. In a bikini. In fact I have yet to see pictures/video of her when she is fully dressed. Or half dressed. But for those of you who are fascinated by her body not in the same way as me, feel free to enjoy the scantly clad Courtney in all her glory.

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