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Food and Blogging

Why does blogging make people hungry? Or is that just me? I am serious. After I blog I get hungry.  This is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is rather curious.
It can’t be the actual act of writing. I write far more for work and school without a similar effect. I write emails after which I don’t seem to get hungry. Well, except for the times I am emailing about food. Then maybe a little.
What is it about blogging that makes me want to run out for a dozen donuts and a fudge cake?
My strange diet has never had any adverse effects on my weight, but despite all the running/walking/scampering I do, I am pretty sure I am unhealthy. Does this mean blogging is making me even more unhealthy? And why can’t I get cravings for carrot sticks or salad? I think the healthiest thing I have ever gotten a craving for is trail mix. And my version of trail mix is questionable at best.
I feel as though I should start blogging more about food. Then I would maybe feel more justified craving ridiculous things afterwards. Better yet, if I start blogging about healthy foods there might be a chance I would start craving collard greens afterwards.
Or I could use this as an excuse to go out for ice cream.

What Is A Blogger?

Last night I was sitting on the couch, fiddling with my phone. Hubby looked at me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was blogging. His response: “On your phone? How can you see what you are typing?”
A lot of people don’t understand some nuances of blogging. Yes, I am a blogger, but a large part of what I do does not entail writing. Between all the sites I contribute to I try to have at least 5 posts per week, which does in fact take time and lots of typing. But blogging is not just about me facing my computer and spewing forth whatever ideas I may have at the time. Although I do admit that that does happen quite a bit.
Blogging is a conversation. With others. Because otherwise I would just be talking to myself. And that is no fun. To participate in this conversation I have to see what others are saying. So basically I read a lot of other awesome blogs all day and call it research. Best. Job. Ever.
Then, once I have read what other people are saying, I am ready to put in my two cents worth. Also, as mentioned above, sometimes I read what everyone else is talking about, and I don’t get it. So I just kind of go into my own little corner and write about totally random business. But I had good intentions. And you know what they say about those.
So I have written my blog. And I posted it. Then hubby points out all the typos and grammar errors. I honestly wish there was a system where I could get him to point all those out *before* I post publicly. But since I have all of two followers, the chances of anyone noticing are pretty slim. If I ever become famous maybe I will work out some sort of system where that happens so I am not making a fool of myself in front of everyone. Not that my blog doesn’t do that for me anyhow, but I would rather be remembered for other follies than “poor English skills.” I know, maybe I will start editing my own stuff. Or ask hubby to do it before I post. I like the second option better.
See? All sorts of work has gone into blogging already, and I am not even done. Alright, so my post now looks decent enough to really present to the world, so I have to network to get it viewed. Sure, part of networking is posting the link to my stuff on Twitter and Facebook. But no one likes being spammed with nothing but links all day. I honestly try not to just do that very often, but I have been guilty of it in the past. Not to mention so many people say interesting things on Twitter and Facebook I can’t help getting caught up in the conversations. I call this step being a Networking Maven. Hubby calls it Tweeting all day.
Blogging is much more than just writing a few posts. So yes, I write. A lot. But an even larger part of what I do is building an online presence. Meaning I stand in front of my computer yelling “I am here! I am here!” Oh, is that not how computers work? See! I constantly need to tweak my system and find better ways of communicating with people. Because that is really the essence of blogging. Communication.
And spending a lot of time doing absolutely nothing but calling it work.
P.S. I am sure some of you may have noticed that the cute squirrel picture I am using for this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content. That is yet another facet of blogging, looking up cute pictures online.

I Had A Purpose

I started blogging a little under two years ago after I had my daughter. At that point I never saw myself as a full time blogger, nor did I really think I would end up with my own blog. I was blogging for Yahoo! Shine.
As a new mom I had a lot to say about my newfound role, and I saw blogging as a medium to vent, inspire, inform, and vent some more. Originally I started writing in a journalistic sense, and by this I mean as a way of keeping a journal, not what you would first think. Because I am no journalist.
Oddly enough, the more I wrote, the more I realized that most of the topics I had originally wanted to write about were really not that writable. The online world is smaller than you would think and voicing my opinions would, a lot of the time, offend others. In fact, I realized this very early on, when my posts were racking in several hundred, to even several thousand, comments on Yahoo!, and sometimes make front pages news due to their controversial nature. Hubby and I would joke about how I had a knack for pissing off people. And the funny thing was, I was actually censoring myself! Had I spelled out exactly what I thought, I might have inadvertently started an online war and find myself banished from the online community altogether. Or even worse, offend those closest and most important to me, and find myself exiled from family and friends.
So I channeled my writing into different directions, and found ways to teach and sometimes motivate. Honestly, I have no idea how the latter happened. But it did, and it was awesome! It still is. Whenever I get a message thanking me for something I wrote, or a comment letting me know I have made someone laugh, it makes me smile.
Yes, I had a purpose when I first started writing. It was a selfish purpose which never truly got fulfilled. I may not always be able to say exactly what I feel. Some topics are, and always will be, off limits. But I could not be happier with the outcome. And thankfully I have a very close and dear friend to me who listens to all my rambles on an almost weekly basis. I guess that makes her my human blog? No? Ok.
How do you vent your frustration with… well everything? Do you write it down? Is it private or do you share?