Food and Blogging

Why does blogging make people hungry? Or is that just me? I am serious. After I blog I get hungry.  This is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is rather curious.
It can’t be the actual act of writing. I write far more for work and school without a similar effect. I write emails after which I don’t seem to get hungry. Well, except for the times I am emailing about food. Then maybe a little.
What is it about blogging that makes me want to run out for a dozen donuts and a fudge cake?
My strange diet has never had any adverse effects on my weight, but despite all the running/walking/scampering I do, I am pretty sure I am unhealthy. Does this mean blogging is making me even more unhealthy? And why can’t I get cravings for carrot sticks or salad? I think the healthiest thing I have ever gotten a craving for is trail mix. And my version of trail mix is questionable at best.
I feel as though I should start blogging more about food. Then I would maybe feel more justified craving ridiculous things afterwards. Better yet, if I start blogging about healthy foods there might be a chance I would start craving collard greens afterwards.
Or I could use this as an excuse to go out for ice cream.

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