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Stuff I Keep Doing

I have been swamped this week, and am continuing in the same vain. This roughly translates to not writing. Or not writing as much as I would have hoped. I promise to be back and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a list of articles I had published elsewhere for your enjoyment.

I promise to write more at some point this week. If I don’t, I probably got drowned in work and other fun things, so please feel free to send a search party.

Things That Happened Last Week

Even though I have been on vacation for almost two weeks, I was still able to be productive. Sort of. Here is a list of stuff I managed to get done.

6 Christmases (yes, I know, Christmas is over, but it was quite hectic)

Human Mommy

Sour Grapes

Cool Stuff I Pinned

Also, as an aside, I read this amazing, inspirational, beautiful article today, and I wanted to share it with you all. It can make a difference, and save lives. No, really, I am not being my usual, sarcastic self. Read it, pass it on, save it. Until next time, have a wonderful day.

New Year Resolutions

First of all, happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing New Year celebration, and came up with some wonderful resolutions. If so, I would love to hear about it, so feel free to comment below.

Like everyone else, I too have New Year resolutions. What better way to really stick to them than to make them public? Hopefully sharing these with all of you will add some incentive to really keep them up. Accountability is a wonderful thing.

1. Spend more time with my kids. Find time. Make time. Doesn’t matter how, just do it. Yes, I know, writing about spending time with my kids is completely counter intuitive since I am currently detracting from the time spent with them.

2. Gain some weight. I am currently severely under weight, and I have been trying all sorts of remedies, including eating like crazy over the holidays. Somehow I managed to lose more weight in the process. So this one will be a tough one, but I have faith in myself.

3. Working harder on my blog. This one benefits my readers as much as myself, and you can all look forward to more frequent, and useful posts this coming year!

4. Shedding the guilt. I have guilt issues. Whenever I take time for myself, even for things which are necessary, I feel guilty. You may think this is in opposition to the first resolution I have on here, but I strongly believe being able to enjoy the time I have to myself will enrich the time I spend with my kids. A sane mommy makes for a good mommy.

5. Update my wardrobe. Sometimes I look like I belong in the eighties. I really need to work on that. No, I am not using this as an excuse to go on a shopping spree. I swear.

6. Have a great year. Stuff happens. Good stuff. Bad stuff. And everything in between. However, every experience is relative. It can be good or bad depending on what you make of it.

Again, Happy New Years Everyone!

Share with everyone what you did last night below.