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Stuff! Like The Magazine, Except Way Better

I have had crazy writer’s block lately, so in my incapacitated state, I have not done a lot . However, I did a little, and here it is. For your viewing pleasure.
Stuff I Pinned. I am putting it at the top of the list this time. Because these pretty pictures are better than a lot of my writing right now.
There is something going around. And this can help.
If you have any great topic ideas for me, share in the comments. 

Stuff I Did…

I haven’t done a lot of stuff lately, so this list is far shorter than usual. Unless of course, you want to read my riveting analysis of Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red or Greg Orr’s Orpheus and Eurydice. I take that as a no, so for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the handful of non school related articles I have written lately:
Do you dress your child in these?
3 easy, breezy, make-up tricks
Highly controversial. Read for yourself.
Worst article I have ever written. I swear I was completely exhausted when I wrote this.
I pinned this