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When Is It Okay To Induce Labor?

In a couple of days I will be giving birth. Supposedly I am due July 28th. Last time my daughter arrived eight days early, so as far as I am concerned, I can go into labor any moment now. Frankly, I hope today is the day. I cannot wait to meet my son; the anticipation is almost too much to handle.

A friend of mine suggested I induce since she does it every time and it works for her. I cannot bring myself to do it. I am not suggesting inducing is a bad thing. To each their own. I am even okay with the women who schedule c-sections for no reason other than not wanting to deal with labor, or wanting their babies born on a specific date.

Just as I dislike how others judge me for using epidurals and pain meds, I am sure these women are tired of hearing comments from the peanut gallery about their particular choices. I do not want to discuss their choices, or pass judgment. I simply came to a personal conclusion; I cannot induce unless there is a medical reason for it. I think of pitocin (the drug used to induce) as a resource available if natural labor is not working, or if I happen well past my due date and there is some risk for the baby. I used pitocin when delivering my daughter because for whatever reason my body no longer wanted to cooperate, and I stopped dilating after seven centimeters. So close, yet so far.

I did not go to the hospital with the idea I would induce, or have to mess around with the natural progression of labor. I simply went into labor, and then labor came to a halt mid stream. Yet I was okay with it at that point. I accept intervention when things go awry. But as for actually being the catalyst, as much as I wish I was in the delivery room right now (and trust me, the urge is almost as bad as my craving for chocolate cake), I cannot bring myself to eliminate the element of surprise and excitement that comes during that moment when you realize it is finally happening. My baby and I are ready, and it is show time!

How do you feel about inducing?


Channeling Creativity

Over the years I have been to several baby showers. Then, one day I saw a diaper cake. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I wanted one. No, I wanted to make one. Something inside of me yearned to create something as cute and practical. I could not wait until another one of my friends got pregnant so I could have an excuse to make one. The wait was long. Finally I got the opportunity, and had so much fun with it, I was hooked! I had to make another one!
In spending the time making the piece I realized that it was more than just cute and practical. It was a way of creating a very unique gift for the mother to be. All the items included could be customized to her bundle of joy, and she could use all of the diapers afterward. Also, it makes an amazing centerpiece for the gift table, or even the pastries table. It was fun to make. It was fun to give.
I explored the possibilities and my creative engines started going. I found better ways of making diaper cakes. I had ideas! I just needed another friend to get knocked up so I could execute them. The wait was again long. Finally several of my friends were pregnant, but none were having baby showers in the foreseeable future, if at all. Bummed out I finally found a solution to channel my creative nature into. I would make diaper cakes and sell them online.
I found a self sustaining hobby. I would make just enough money to sponsor the next cake. I no longer have to wait for an excuse; I just have to wait for a buyer. I decided it would be better if I expanded my market and started taking custom orders too. I could make diaper cakes all day!

Should I Have A Baby Shower For My Second Child?

Baby showers are a lot of fun! For your first baby. When you are having a baby shower for your second baby, regardless of having a different gender, things begin to get dicey. Who do you invite? Do you still have a registry? At first I was hesitant to even have a shower, but several family members coaxed me into the idea, assuring me it is perfectly fine. In planning my second baby shower I have been struggling with some of these hurdles and found ways to manage negative connotations that may be associated with the event.

Should I Register?

I want to celebrate the birth of our son, but I do not want anyone to feel that I am gift grabbing. I am not looking to have a baby shower just to receive clothes and toys for the baby. I genuinely want an excuse to celebrate with all our friends and relatives since I am just as excited about this baby as I was about our first. But I know a lot of people who really do want to get us stuff, so I feel as if I should have a registry more as a guide. I did not put down where we are registered on the invitation, and only mention we have a registry when asked. This way, if someone is not looking to get us anything, they should not feel obliged to do so.

What should I register for?

Again, stressing I am not trying to have a shower just to get gifts, I thought it would be best to register for small items that would not set anyone back, but would make everyone feel comfortable giving. This way, those who feel they cannot show up without a gift have something, and the rest of our guest list doesn’t have to worry about it. I comprised my entire registry of onesies, pacifiers, and booties. Nothing is over the $5-$10 range.

Who Should I Invite?

This too becomes a concern. We were so excited when I was pregnant with my daughter we invited everyone we knew to our baby shower. It was a massive event which took almost as long as a wedding to plan and coordinate. Even though my excitement has not weaned, others’ has. This time around, we limited the invite list considerably. We kept it to family, and a few close friends. Now I am beginning to wonder if we limited it too much. I fear some of our friends may feel slighted that they were not also invited. What if they hear about the baby shower from mutual friends and feel as though we do not perceive them as important? Will they wonder why we didn’t want them there celebrating with us? Hopefully not.

What do you think about second baby showers?