Channeling Creativity

Over the years I have been to several baby showers. Then, one day I saw a diaper cake. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I wanted one. No, I wanted to make one. Something inside of me yearned to create something as cute and practical. I could not wait until another one of my friends got pregnant so I could have an excuse to make one. The wait was long. Finally I got the opportunity, and had so much fun with it, I was hooked! I had to make another one!
In spending the time making the piece I realized that it was more than just cute and practical. It was a way of creating a very unique gift for the mother to be. All the items included could be customized to her bundle of joy, and she could use all of the diapers afterward. Also, it makes an amazing centerpiece for the gift table, or even the pastries table. It was fun to make. It was fun to give.
I explored the possibilities and my creative engines started going. I found better ways of making diaper cakes. I had ideas! I just needed another friend to get knocked up so I could execute them. The wait was again long. Finally several of my friends were pregnant, but none were having baby showers in the foreseeable future, if at all. Bummed out I finally found a solution to channel my creative nature into. I would make diaper cakes and sell them online.
I found a self sustaining hobby. I would make just enough money to sponsor the next cake. I no longer have to wait for an excuse; I just have to wait for a buyer. I decided it would be better if I expanded my market and started taking custom orders too. I could make diaper cakes all day!

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