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Wordless Wednesday

My little art project…. I can crop and use a filter. Yes, I did this in MS Paint. That is as high tech as I am getting.

Tanya’s baby shower. She doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby. I got her a bunch of pink things.

Cute little booties for the baby. Adorable.
So many blankets…
More adorableness.
Focusing intently on the conversation.
Unwinding after the party. Finally got something to eat.
Jason and Ian took pictures of me from all angles. There are 55 of them. I will spare you.

40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Week 33

Welcome to the newest installment of my pregnancy week by week guide. This week we will be looking at Week 33. If you want to catch up with previous weeks, scroll to the bottom.
Week 33
Not a whole lot is going on this week, except that you are counting the days until you give birth. When I was pregnant I loved it, but I was more anxious to meet my little one than anything else. Not to mention my back was killing me.
Since your baby will be coming in a matter of weeks, this is a great time to finalize any last minute stuff for his/her arrival. Is the baby’s room ready? Do you have a crib? Do you have a stroller? Most importantly, do you have a car seat? You don’t want to wait until your baby is born to get it, because you won’t be able to leave the hospital until you can prove you have a car seat for your little one. But make sure you keep the receipt in the event that you end up not liking it after the baby is born. This actually should apply to all your big ticket purchases. Keep the receipt, because once your baby is here he may demand some changes.
Aside from your big ticket items, you also want to start stocking up on some essentials. If you are having a baby shower, you will probably get a lot of onesies and blankets. You will possibly get a lot of diapers too. So you may want to hold off until afterwards to buy things you don’t have. One of the things I found useful was to try different types of diapers. Regardless of what brand my friends and family used, I had my baby try them all. Some were messy and caused leaks, other worked very well but were on the pricey side, and others did the job, and really, what else do you need from a diaper?
Are you planning on breastfeeding? Don’t get the pump yet. Shop for it once you actually know what breast feeding is like. I totally botched this one, and having no clue what it would entail I bought a pump that was completely inadequate for my and Munchie’s needs. Luckily I had a friend who let me borrow her amazing pump. But pumps, in most places, are not returnable, so I still ended up spending the money. I wish I had waited.
Right around now you may be tempted to buy a few extra maternity clothes. You are gaining about a pound a week, so this is totally understandable. But unless you absolutely can’t fit into your current clothes, try to resist the urge. It will be over before you know it, and these clothes won’t be very flattering on you after.
Have you chosen that baby name yet? If so, how many times did you change your mind?
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Best Baby Shower Gifts

I have had baby showers on my mind. Don’t worry Mom, I am not pregnant again. This may have to do with the upcoming baby showers I will be attending. But I attend baby showers all the time, so really it may just be the season. I mean, Spring is coming up, and that is the season for fertility. It is also the season for a lot of other stuff… but those are like five different posts that have nothing to do with baby showers , so  we will get into that later.
I have been doing my baby shower shopping (because I have leaving things for last minute). Now, none of the lovely women who will having baby showers are first time mommies, which means they already know what they want or need. They also already have the big ticket items. But nevertheless there are a few essentials that are welcome to most baby showers.
Diaper Cakes
Most baby showers have a diaper raffle, where everyone brings diapers, gets a ticket and someone wins a prize of some sort. Even if there is no diaper raffle, diapers are always welcome. A diaper cake is just a super decorative way of bringing diapers. Also, depending on what you got, you can put most, if not all, of your gifts inside the “cake” for an added surprise. If you have no idea what I am talking about, thisis what a diaper cake is.
It takes time. I remember the first few I ever made. They were horrible. I practically wanted to cry. Now, I do a pretty good job. In fact, people request them. So if yours doesn’t come out the way you wanted. Don’t give up. Keep at it. If you are nothing like me, and don’t attend 523 baby showers a year, which means you won’t have time to practice and hone your diaper cake making skills, then call me. I will do it for you (because I love you, and making diaper cakes is super fun).
Older Baby Clothes
Itsy bitsy newborn onesies are adorable. But guess what, everyone is going to be getting them for the mommy to be. She will be overloaded with tiny onesies. More than the kid may ever wear. I have almost an entire box of really cute onesies Munchie never got to wear (I am saving them for when my brother in law or my best friend has a kid… and with my luck they will both have boys that probably won’t want to wear Munchie’s pink and frilly onesies).
9-12 months baby clothes are also cute. And it will save the parents having to buy as many clothes when the child grows. Also, from personal experience, some babies are bigger and grow faster than others. Ducky was huge, and he grew very, very quickly. Some newborn onesies never even fit him. And the ones that fit stopped fitting within a month. He is five months old wearing twelve months clothes.
Bigger is better when shopping for baby clothes. Babies grow at different rates, but eventually they will fit in the outfit you got them.
Gift Cards
I love gift cards. When I get gift cards it allows me to buy all the stuff for an occasion that I did not receive. For a baby shower they are great because the mommy to be can hold on to it until after the baby is born and use it for stuff she didn’t even know she needed. For Munchie’s baby shower I received a lot of gift cards and they became very useful in her first few months. As a new mom I did not know everything I would need. And all babies are different. Just because my friends used product X doesn’t mean I will have any use for it. There is also the stuff I thought I would not need, and turns out I was wrong. You really can’t go wrong with one of these.
Boppy Pillow
You can’t have too many. I received three of these at Munchie’s baby shower. I thought I would surely return at least one because what do I need three for? Turns out, they were great, and I ended up using all of them. At the time we were living in a two story town home, so I had one upstairs by the bed for night feedings. I had one in the living room so Munchie could lay on it during the day and I could use for afternoon feedings. The third resided in my car for when we went anywhere. We are now using them for Ducky.
Make sure you get the kind with a removable cover. Babies spit up. Enough said.
Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with a baby shower gift. In the end, it is the thought that counts. And anything is usually appreciated. If the mommy to be has a registry, consult it. If not, hopefully this gift guide has been helpful.
What are some of your favorite things to bring to baby showers? What are some of the best things you received at yours?