When Is It Okay To Induce Labor?

In a couple of days I will be giving birth. Supposedly I am due July 28th. Last time my daughter arrived eight days early, so as far as I am concerned, I can go into labor any moment now. Frankly, I hope today is the day. I cannot wait to meet my son; the anticipation is almost too much to handle.

A friend of mine suggested I induce since she does it every time and it works for her. I cannot bring myself to do it. I am not suggesting inducing is a bad thing. To each their own. I am even okay with the women who schedule c-sections for no reason other than not wanting to deal with labor, or wanting their babies born on a specific date.

Just as I dislike how others judge me for using epidurals and pain meds, I am sure these women are tired of hearing comments from the peanut gallery about their particular choices. I do not want to discuss their choices, or pass judgment. I simply came to a personal conclusion; I cannot induce unless there is a medical reason for it. I think of pitocin (the drug used to induce) as a resource available if natural labor is not working, or if I happen well past my due date and there is some risk for the baby. I used pitocin when delivering my daughter because for whatever reason my body no longer wanted to cooperate, and I stopped dilating after seven centimeters. So close, yet so far.

I did not go to the hospital with the idea I would induce, or have to mess around with the natural progression of labor. I simply went into labor, and then labor came to a halt mid stream. Yet I was okay with it at that point. I accept intervention when things go awry. But as for actually being the catalyst, as much as I wish I was in the delivery room right now (and trust me, the urge is almost as bad as my craving for chocolate cake), I cannot bring myself to eliminate the element of surprise and excitement that comes during that moment when you realize it is finally happening. My baby and I are ready, and it is show time!

How do you feel about inducing?


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  1. No one should judge ANYONE else about ANYTHING. Opinions are fine, but don’t ever let someone make you feel judged. God’s the only guy who can really do that.

    Besides, I’m proud of you for letting that guy hang out in there as long as he needs! Maybe he’s preparing a speech or something! LOL Whatever the reason, I think most babies tend to be born when they’re ready, regardless of the due date.

    And, if you do end up inducing, that’s OK, too! Your body was made for one and so, eventually, one of the two of you is going to have to leave. Haha, that’s what I told Ressell when he was still in my belly, anyway.

    Oh, and Jesse arrived 4.5 weeks early. My water broke, but contractions weren’t beginning on their own, so it was in with the Pitocin. I didn’t “like” the idea of any drugs before going into labor, but with contractions quite strong and only 30 seconds apart for 11 hours (and no further dilation), I changed my opinion of pain meds and opted for an epidural, which allowed me to relax enough to dilate in an hour and a half and voila, there was Baby Jesse!

    I guess what I’m really trying to say is “More power to ya, Sister!” Great job sticking by your beliefs and leaving room for changing your mind. Your surely entitled! (And I hope he gets here soon. There are a LOT of people who want to make his acquaintance!)

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