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My Day In Pictures

We went wine tasting today at a couple of places up in Malibu. The first place we went to was very nice. He had interesting art work on the walls, and the furniture was gorgeous. Also, the wine was delicious. One in particular. Oh my God… it felt like it was attacking my mouth in the best way possible.
The girls… They had a flannel thing going on. I couldn’t join in since I don’t own any flannel…. so I was the odd one out.
Once again I look scared on film.
The second place we went to was outdoorsy and also cute.
Then, on the way back we made an impromptu stop at Ross where we ended up buying furniture. I know. And we got said furniture in Diane’s car with all three of us in it. Poor Hannah had to sit in the back with a faux leather bench on top of her. To make everything better Hannah and I went to our favorite place afterwards for more wine and amazing dessert.
Just like last time, this place seems to be conducive to very blurry pictures. There is also a picture of me laughing again. I will keep that one to myself.
Instead, here is one that is in focus. If I don’t look terrified, I look confused. Those seem to be my only expressions on film.

We Drove Around

Today I told Hubby I was taking the kids to the mall. I did take the kids to the mall. In a different city. I said “mall” and he immediately assumed I meant Simi Mall. Which really isn’t a mall, but rather three and a half stores within walking distance from each other. And Lowes. So you see, not quite the bastion of fashion, or anything else for that matter. Which is how the kids and I ended up in Pacific Palisades.
I was driving towards the Simi Mall, but at some point, as I approached the destination, my car kept driving, and next thing I knew I was on the freeway. My first instinct was to head towards the beach. Something about the beach has been drawing me back week after week. As I was driving through Malibu, fully intending to stop and let the kids out to play, I realized they were asleep in the car. Waking small children from their nap is never a good idea. So I kept driving up PCH, until I got to Santa Monica. At which point I intended to take the kids to Third Street and look through all the pretty shops. Nope, kids were still sleeping. So I passed Third Street, got to Sunset, and thought maybe Hollywood would be a good idea. Surely the kids would be awake by then.
Next thing I knew I was somehow lost in the Palisades, driving around aimlessly looking for parking. I figured at this point any shopping center would do. Oh, look there is a grocery store! Let’s go walk around there. Their grocery store is better than our mall! And I bet they don’t have a gun shop next door. In fact, I think Texas is the only place that has more gun shops than Simi Valley. Or maybe an equivalent number. I am not sure.
I think I liked it there (the Palisades, not Texas, just in case you were wondering. Not that I dislike Texas. Because I would never say that). Either way, I should move to Gelson’s. They are usually in nice neighborhoods, and their freezer section looked spacious.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday I spent the day with the kids at the beach. We had so much fun! After the beach we meandered around Malibu, went to coffee shops and kept pretty busy. When we got home the kids were exhausted!The kids had never seen sand before (Muchie went to the beach when she was a few months old, but doesn’t remember).
Ducky was not happy with this thing called “sand.” Every time he got some on him he would have me dust it off. And he realized he can’t walk very well in it.
I was trying to take a picture of myself. After numerous attempts all I got was the lovely sand directly behind me. I need to work on my aim.

This one surprisingly turned out well. I wanted a picture with both kids, but I needed one hand on the phone, and Ducky had other ideas, so that just wasn’t going to happen.

Devious Duck!