My Day In Pictures

We went wine tasting today at a couple of places up in Malibu. The first place we went to was very nice. He had interesting art work on the walls, and the furniture was gorgeous. Also, the wine was delicious. One in particular. Oh my God… it felt like it was attacking my mouth in the best way possible.
The girls… They had a flannel thing going on. I couldn’t join in since I don’t own any flannel…. so I was the odd one out.
Once again I look scared on film.
The second place we went to was outdoorsy and also cute.
Then, on the way back we made an impromptu stop at Ross where we ended up buying furniture. I know. And we got said furniture in Diane’s car with all three of us in it. Poor Hannah had to sit in the back with a faux leather bench on top of her. To make everything better Hannah and I went to our favorite place afterwards for more wine and amazing dessert.
Just like last time, this place seems to be conducive to very blurry pictures. There is also a picture of me laughing again. I will keep that one to myself.
Instead, here is one that is in focus. If I don’t look terrified, I look confused. Those seem to be my only expressions on film.

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