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Wordless Wednesday

Giant kitty sleeping on the bed.

Ducky being cute.

I took the kids to the beach on Saturday. Munchie was walking through the sand complaining about having “beach in her shoes.”
I tried taking a picture with my son. For those of you familiar with my photography skills, this is as close as I got. My hair is doing things I cannot explain.
This is second best. I am still not in the picture. My leg, however, made it. And as you can tell, this time of year I am so pale I am reflecting light.
Munchie and Ducky playing in the sand.

Zen Garden

I don’t understand Zen gardens. I especially don’t understand those miniature ones people buy and put on their desks or coffee tables. I am not saying it is a bad thing. If it makes you feel calm and relaxed, by all means, rake away. In fact, being the nice person that I am, I will totally let you come to my house and rake the back yard. Hubby hasn’t done it in a few months, so if you like raking, you will leave so relaxed you can cancel your next five therapy appointments. By which point I will probably have more for you to rake. So basically I am saving you a ton of money. Technically, hubby is saving you a lot of money, so you may direct your thank you notes to him.
But seriously, will someone please enlighten me on this? How does a little rake that probably belongs to Zen Barbie, and a small box of sand equal calm? I personally would be terribly frustrated with the whole business. Not to mention my complete lack of coordination would ensure a giant sandy mess everywhere. Leading to more frustration. Would I then have to clean up all the sand with the little rake? Or is there also a little broom that comes with the kit?
Maybe instead of a Zen garden it would make more sense to have a little box built like a kitchen. Then you can use a mini broom and dust pan to get under the itsy bitsy stove. I can get behind that concept.
I am thinking when the kids are old enough to start building dioramas for school they can build me a shoebox house to clean. You know, home away from home. “Oh no, Mommy is upset. Quick, give her the box!”

Almost Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday I spent the day with the kids at the beach. We had so much fun! After the beach we meandered around Malibu, went to coffee shops and kept pretty busy. When we got home the kids were exhausted!The kids had never seen sand before (Muchie went to the beach when she was a few months old, but doesn’t remember).
Ducky was not happy with this thing called “sand.” Every time he got some on him he would have me dust it off. And he realized he can’t walk very well in it.
I was trying to take a picture of myself. After numerous attempts all I got was the lovely sand directly behind me. I need to work on my aim.

This one surprisingly turned out well. I wanted a picture with both kids, but I needed one hand on the phone, and Ducky had other ideas, so that just wasn’t going to happen.

Devious Duck!