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Photo Journal

Today was relaxing. I did almost nothing while simultaneously doing a lot. I am savvy like that.As a consequence of my busy nothingness I am pretty tired, so this is not so much a real blog post as a photo journal of my day. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

I took my mom and the kids to the beach. Unlike last time, this time we went into the water.

I take every opportunity to hide my creepy little feet.
My mother taking Ally into the water.
Then I went to dinner with my friend. I had her take a picture of me since she is better suited to do so than my own self portrait attempts which either turn out skewed or require a mirror and serious acrobatics.
The beach was relaxing. Dinner was insightful. I had a good day.

Wordless Wednesday

Very windy day at the beach. Munchie pretty much nuzzled into me most of the time, and there is more sand in my hair than I know what to do with (not that I typically know what to do with sand in my hair). Several showers later and I am still sprinkling sand each time I wiggle. 
This was much more beautiful in person. I am sure you get the idea.
Cute as ever.

Wordless Wednesday

Giant kitty sleeping on the bed.

Ducky being cute.

I took the kids to the beach on Saturday. Munchie was walking through the sand complaining about having “beach in her shoes.”
I tried taking a picture with my son. For those of you familiar with my photography skills, this is as close as I got. My hair is doing things I cannot explain.
This is second best. I am still not in the picture. My leg, however, made it. And as you can tell, this time of year I am so pale I am reflecting light.
Munchie and Ducky playing in the sand.