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Bed Time Bottle

I love reading articles about parenting. A lot of them have tons of great information on how to reach different milestones, teach your kids to do stuff, etc. Some I like to read because they reinforce my own parenting practices, and make me feel like I am doing it right. Because who doesn’t want to feel like an awesome parent?
There is one topic in particular which has come up numerous times in a lot of magazines and online sites that makes me feel just the opposite. Especially because I know I am doing something wrong, I am well aware of what I should be doing, but I am doing nothing to stop.
I let my daughter take her milk and juice to bed. Apparently, according to numerous parenting gurus and pediatricians, this is a huge no-no, which leads to all sorts of problems, including cavities and horrible dental hygiene. Considering my own dental history you would think this is huge for me. I have suffered greatly at the hands of dentists and would surely not want my daughter to go through the same. But I can’t take her sippy cup away from her. She screams bloody murder, and won’t go to sleep. Which  makes me feel bad because I am basically allowing my daughter to ruin her teeth just because it is easier for me to let her have her milk and juice in bed with her. Yeah, I suck. Which is why it bugs me. I should be more firm, say no, and weather it out for a few nights until she gets used to the idea. And at one point I tried, but she wasn’t getting used to it, and I was getting very tired. It is bad enough Ducky doesn’t sleep very well, and two screaming kids was just too much. So, I thought “another day.” Except is has been many more days, and months, since then, and I am not doing anything about it. Some kids like to cuddle with their blankets. Others like to snuggle with stuffed animals. My daughter clutches a sippy cup in each hand to fall asleep.
The worst part is not just that I know what I should do, but I also know how to do it. I have read more essays and articles on this topic than I can count. I have methods, and tactics, but for some reason, when it comes to this, I have no discipline. Thankfully I won’t have to worry about this with Ducky for a few more months.
What do you think?

Breastfeeding Dilemma

There seems to be common misconception about what breasts are supposed to do. As sexualized as they have become in modern times it is no wonder that a lot of women are confused as to their intended purpose, which is to feed babies.
Yes, breasts are sexy, and depending on preference, the larger the better. However, did anyone stop to think why large breasts are deemed so desirable? Because they imply fertility and large stores of milk once the baby arrives.
I know that some women cannot breastfeed due to not producing enough milk. Or they have some other physical reasons for being unable to. These are not the women I am thinking of for this article.
I do not understand why so many women are completely freaked out by the prospect of breastfeeding. I understand it is a strange sensation. Having done it for two kids now, I have to say it is not like anything I have ever felt, and frankly cannot describe it.
Some women I know cannot handle this sensation, and they choose to pump and feed their children expressed milk. At least these babies are still receiving breast milk. Then there are the women who chose not to do this, and their babies get only formula. That is their choice, and I will not judge.
However, there are women who think breastfeeding is wrong because breasts are sexual organs and it disturbs them to think of babies feeding from them. These are the ones I have a problem with. Let me reiterate that there were two other sexual organs involved in producing the baby, so really, it is not too far fetched that a third should be feeding him. I am not sure when society started sexualizing breasts to the point where they are no longer seen for their natural intended purpose.
How do you feel about it?

4 Things no Baby Registry Needs

Remember when you were creating your very first baby registry for your first born? Did you consult all the books, magazines, online articles and baby gurus? I did. And in the end, I was just as confused. I did not know what half of the stuff on my baby registry was for, but trusted the “experts” nevertheless.I should have asked my friends who had had children in recent years. Better yet, I should have made a list and tucked it away until after my daughter was born and played it by ear. Each child is different, and even though I have friends and family who would have sworn by their baby wipes warmer and bumbo chair, my daughter never needed or used such items.

As I sit at my computer creating my registry for my unborn son I have a much better idea of what is really needed, and as I cross off item after item, I also realize I have no idea what this child will be like, or what he will like. Back to square one.

What if he is more aggressive than my daughter on the nipple? Will I need Lansinoh cream this time? What if his skin is more sensitive? Should I tack on some sensitive wipes and diapers too?
After much deliberation and frustration, I admit my registry is not yet complete. However, I did manage to concoct a list of things I am absolutely sure are not needed on this registry, or any other for that matter.

1. Bottle Sanitizer/ Sterilizer Kit
A dishwasher is enough. The hot water used to clean your dishes works just fine on the bottles, nipples and caps. If you don’t have a dishwasher, normal hot water with some soap and a regular bottle brush will also do the trick. Your kid will grab everything off the floor and stick it in their mouths. Those things are a lot dirtier than their bottle. In fact, my daughter stuck our cat’s paw in her mouth the other day. We do not have disinfectants for our cats.

2. Double Strollers
Unless you are having twins or other multiples, regardless of how close in age your kids might be, these strollers are more of a headache then a help. They are very cumbersome to navigate, especially if you are trying to go grocery shopping, or run any other errands in closed spaces. Not to mention simply getting the stroller in and out of the car is a feat onto itself. I confess I coveted one such stroller for many months, until I finally made my way into a brick and mortar store to play around with it. No wonder I usually see the dads maneuvering these around.

3. Bathrobes for Newborns
Very cute. Completely impractical. A hooded towel to dry off the tot will do.

4. Lansinoh Cream
This is not a completely useless item. Some women really need it. However, you won’t know until your baby is born, at which point you can get some at the hospital or nearest drug store. I have a giant unused tube of it at home. I am actually hoping to need it this time around just so I can feel as though the product and money were not wasted.

What items do you find to be unwarranted on a baby registry?