Breastfeeding Dilemma

There seems to be common misconception about what breasts are supposed to do. As sexualized as they have become in modern times it is no wonder that a lot of women are confused as to their intended purpose, which is to feed babies.
Yes, breasts are sexy, and depending on preference, the larger the better. However, did anyone stop to think why large breasts are deemed so desirable? Because they imply fertility and large stores of milk once the baby arrives.
I know that some women cannot breastfeed due to not producing enough milk. Or they have some other physical reasons for being unable to. These are not the women I am thinking of for this article.
I do not understand why so many women are completely freaked out by the prospect of breastfeeding. I understand it is a strange sensation. Having done it for two kids now, I have to say it is not like anything I have ever felt, and frankly cannot describe it.
Some women I know cannot handle this sensation, and they choose to pump and feed their children expressed milk. At least these babies are still receiving breast milk. Then there are the women who chose not to do this, and their babies get only formula. That is their choice, and I will not judge.
However, there are women who think breastfeeding is wrong because breasts are sexual organs and it disturbs them to think of babies feeding from them. These are the ones I have a problem with. Let me reiterate that there were two other sexual organs involved in producing the baby, so really, it is not too far fetched that a third should be feeding him. I am not sure when society started sexualizing breasts to the point where they are no longer seen for their natural intended purpose.
How do you feel about it?

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  1. Just another way our society is slowly becoming dumber. Breasts are not (only) for sex. That is not their intended purpose. People could benefit from a few hours of Discovery Channel.

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