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Breastfeeding Dilemma

There seems to be common misconception about what breasts are supposed to do. As sexualized as they have become in modern times it is no wonder that a lot of women are confused as to their intended purpose, which is to feed babies.
Yes, breasts are sexy, and depending on preference, the larger the better. However, did anyone stop to think why large breasts are deemed so desirable? Because they imply fertility and large stores of milk once the baby arrives.
I know that some women cannot breastfeed due to not producing enough milk. Or they have some other physical reasons for being unable to. These are not the women I am thinking of for this article.
I do not understand why so many women are completely freaked out by the prospect of breastfeeding. I understand it is a strange sensation. Having done it for two kids now, I have to say it is not like anything I have ever felt, and frankly cannot describe it.
Some women I know cannot handle this sensation, and they choose to pump and feed their children expressed milk. At least these babies are still receiving breast milk. Then there are the women who chose not to do this, and their babies get only formula. That is their choice, and I will not judge.
However, there are women who think breastfeeding is wrong because breasts are sexual organs and it disturbs them to think of babies feeding from them. These are the ones I have a problem with. Let me reiterate that there were two other sexual organs involved in producing the baby, so really, it is not too far fetched that a third should be feeding him. I am not sure when society started sexualizing breasts to the point where they are no longer seen for their natural intended purpose.
How do you feel about it?

Kudos To Breastfeeding Moms!

Breastfeeding is hard. In honor of World Breastfeeding Day, I want to congratulate al the mothers who are breastfeeding. Now, please don’t misconstrue this as a rant against formula feeding.
I am currently breastfeeding my son, but he is also getting formula on the side (only a few ounces a day, but sometimes my supply does not meet his demand). When I had my daughter last year I was under the impression that she would have nothing but breast milk for the first year of life. We had to start supplementing a few months after birth, and then when she was about four months old, I ran completely dry.
This time around I am far more accepting of formula early on (my son is only 10 days old at this point). Also, I realize that circumstances can make it difficult to solely breastfeed. I will be going back to work next month, and I know that this will greatly contribute to my lack of milk, just like last time. However, looking into it more and more I realize formula is not the end of the world. In this day and age they make very good formula, and I trust brands like Gerber and Enfamil to feed my baby.
But I still have to give kudos to those mothers who do it all the way! I know it is hard, and I know it doesn’t always work out, even with the best intentions, so be proud of the wonderful thing you are doing!

I Wish I Didn’t Have A Daughter

Recently I have been privy to a lot of very disturbing inventions designed for children, under the guise of “toys” and other paraphernalia. I could not believe my eyes at the list, and I could not believe that anyone buys these things for their children, seeing as how five and six year olds do not have the money or know-how to purchase these products themselves.

Then I saw this. Yes folks, this is a breastfeeding doll that teaches your little girl how to breastfeed. It comes with a little halter top that your child dons that the doll “latches onto.” I am not sure what to make of this.

I love my daughter dearly, and only want what is best for her. But seeing products like this almost makes me wish I had had two sons instead. At least then I would not need to worry about how overly sexualized they will be before they even turn ten! I can shield my Munchie as much as I want, but I cannot put her in a box. If this is somehow becoming the norm, then she is bound to see her friends playing with these things, or at least discussing them. I cannot control everything she comes into contact with twenty four hours a day, especially after she starts public school.

Granted, the breastfeeding doll is not as controversial as thongs for seven year olds, or hooker dolls, and my daughter will learn at an extremely young age about breastfeeding as she sees mommy feed her little brother, but learning about it second hand seems like the better way to go. I see no reason for little girls to be mimicking breastfeeding.

Some may argue that this is no different than learning to take care of a baby doll in other ways, such as bottle feeding or changing diapers. But this is different. This is a little girl learning how to use her own body to take care of a baby, which in my opinion should be learned much later on. Like when she turns 30, gets married, and loses her virginity. I know how unrealistic I sound at the moment, but considering my daughter is only sixteen months old I would like to cling to my delusions for at least a few years more.

How do you feel about this doll? Learning tool or not?