The Three Day Rule Of Dating

I also write for another blog, and one of the contributors there, Adam, wrote a great article on the 3 day rule. In response to his article, I am writing from the female perspective.
Granted I have not been on a date in years (I am married), I have at one point dated, and remember what it was like. With that, I have to agree with Adam, the three day rule is a bunch of hooha.
Why? Because it makes no sense. As a woman, if I went on a date with a man, had a great time, and then did not hear from him, by the next day I would already be assuming he must have felt differently. If he called me three days later, at best I would assume he was only a little into me, and frankly, I am not going to waste my time with a man who is only a little into me.
When I was dating I wanted a man to want me. I wanted to feel special. I wanted to be with someone who appreciated me, and made sure I knew it. I love board games, not dating games. You want to be with me, call me. If a man didn’t call, I can assure you another one did, and chances are I was spending my Saturday evening with him.
This goes for women too. No, I wasn’t dating women. But I constantly see women trying to play hard to get. Stop. It is women like you who mess with guys’ heads and make them think they have to wait a certain amount of time to call, text, or whatever. No one benefits.
Bottom line, if you don’t call, the other person is probably going to assume you are not on the same page. If you had a great time, just call. Or you may have lost a great chance.
What is your take on it? 

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  1. I thought you had to wait three days before you slept with them? I think you have to play the “games” cause guys are retarded. And if you dont play along, they think you are a slut. Especially if you DO like them– you gotta play… it sucks, but it works.

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