I Have All The Answers

Tonight, if someone asked me what makes for a good marriage, I would be like a third grade kid with my hand in the air, yelling “oooohh.. ohh.. I know! I know! Pick me!” Yes, I know what makes for the perfect marriage.
I have known for some time now, but tonight, I feel so certain I want to share it. Laughter. That is what makes the days flow by. This is what keeps the relationship strong. It is what makes all the fights, all the misunderstandings, and crying fits, pale in comparison.
After we put the kids to bed I was sitting on the couch watching Jeopardy when hubby started messing around in the kitchen. I yelled out “I know what you are doing!” If you had been here, judging from the amount of noise he was making, you would have guessed he was building a nuclear explosive device to start World War III. However, I know him, and knew he was simply fixing himself an innocuous drink. But something made me want to yell out jokingly “I know what you are doing!”
Maybe it was the way I said it, or the tone of my voice, but regardless, he started laughing. Then I started laughing. A few minutes later as I was heading for the fridge to grab some frosting (because I like eating it straight out of the can), he yelled out “I know what you are doing,” leading to a cascade of giggling and laughing, and most likely a new inside joke for us.
It is moments like this that I realize we have a pretty good marriage. We make each other laugh, despite, or in spite of everything.
By the way, just so you don’t think our marriage is perfect, I am secretly hissing at him right now because I am typing this on his computer, and for whatever reason he has his documents settings set on the tiniest font imaginable, and I have been squinting this entire time. He must have a secret ant farm and he is teaching all of them to read.
P.S. Yes, I know I could have simply changed his settings so I can actually see what I am writing.
P.P.S. Due to the microscopic nature of this document from my point of view, please ignore the typos.

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