Lay Off The Candy

I have been reading numerous articles about Halloween candy. And most of these did not have anything to do with which kinds are the favorites, or the best. Unless of course you count which ones are the best for your waist line, your children’s health, your children’s waist line, or your own health. Or any other combination you can come up with.
Seriously? Its Halloween for goodness sake! Lay off the candy! The whole point of treats is to treat yourself, let your child treat themselves, and everyone enjoy. It’s candy. It is not healthy, and it will never be. Because if you make it healthy, it stops being candy. It becomes food. And no one is going to get all dressed up to get regular food from the neighbors unless they are starving. In which case they wouldn’t care what they are getting, or how much fat it has.
So, for one day, put the measuring cups away, along with your “candy dictionary” that helps determine which candies are the “best” and in what quantities. This does not mean you should eat candy until you make yourself sick, or allow your children to do that. As always, moderation is key. But do enjoy the holiday, and let your children enjoy it as well. So what if they get a bit too hyper for a few hours? They will crash soon enough and go to sleep (albeit after screaming and crying for a few hours). Just remember, Halloween doesn’t happen every day.
P.S. If you have diabetes or any other serious condition, please disregard everything I just said and by all means consult your candy diaries to your hearts’ content.

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