Ally Cat Strikes Again

I am taking my daughter trick or treating for the first time tonight. I am super excited. Probably more than she is. In fact, considering she is only nineteen months old, there is a pretty good chance she is not very excited at all since she does not know what Halloween is really. I have tried explaining it to her, but I might as well tried explaining nuclear fission (which I didn’t because I only understand about half of that myself).
She is going to be a kitty again. The costume was adorable on her last year, but she was too young to really be shown off, so we are doing it again. Hopefully.
I say hopefully for a few reasons. First, she has stranger anxiety. It takes her fifteen to twenty minutes to warm up to people, which is not really conducive to trick or treating that is more like candy hit and run. Can you imagine spending close to half an hour at each house?
Second, I got a call from day care earlier today. She is not feeling well. My husband left work early to pick her up, and we are investigating the severity of it. If she is really not feeling well, then we have to call it a night and Munchie will get some TLC while recuperating.
I am hoping for the best.  In the meantime, I really look forward to seeing all the neat Halloween costumes others will be wearing. Candy at our house!
Are you and/or your kids dressing up tonight? I want to hear about it!
P.S. That is really a picture of my daughter last year.

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