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Shoes… Always A Problem

Ducky needs shoes. More accurately, Ducky needs to wear shoes. He is almost one and half, and has never in his life worn shoes. Mainly because he absolutely refuses to let me put them on him. Until now it has not been so much of a problem. He wasn’t walking, and carrying a barefoot baby around, especially in this heat, was just fine. Now he has started walking, but will not let me shoe him.
I took the kids to Starbucks this morning, and Ducky didn’t let me hold him as I usually do. He wanted to be put down so he could explore like his sister. The lady behind me condescendingly told me I should put his shoes on, as if the idea never occurred to me. I told her he was exploring Bohemian concepts. And then took my coffee and children and left before she called CPS.
We are about to go to the store, so I decided once again to try. He squawked his little duck voice at me. Arms flapping and all. There was kicking and squirming, but at last he is shoed. And angry. As I write this he is sitting in a corner suspiciously eyeing the things on his feet. If he gets into a particular mood he may try to eat them.
Now I understand why they suggest training shoes. They don’t serve any practical purposes other than helping your child become accustomed to having shoes on. I used to think the concept was odd. I mean, shoes are meant for walking. If your baby isn’t walking, why would you put shoes on him? Now I get it! Six months too late.
I guess I didn’t think about it because I never had this problem with Munchie. She was mommy’s little girl, totally excited about shoes. I am pretty sure she owns more pairs than me. Obviously I can’t be outdone by a two year old. I think shoe shopping is in order.

No Title Applies

The boot fairy has recently visited my closet and was ever so generous with not one, but TWO shiny new pairs of boots. I swear, I just woke up and they were there. Jenny warned me this would happen.

Oh a completely separate note, I have done some very bad things to literature lately. Namely Derrida. I am sorry, I had to. Don’t take it personally.

Moving on, Ducky is walking!!! Well… sort of… he is walking about three to five feet at a time. Any day now and he can stop breaking Mommy’s back! Seriously, I weighed him, and he weighs 35 pounds. I only weigh about 95… On the bright side, my arms are extremely toned… I mean, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am not a fan of this hot weather, I am doing a great job with the tank tops and halters. I would totally provide pictures, but I am not that vain, so I don’t have any. Not to mention it would be slightly strange to post pictures of my arms. They are not that interesting. I promise.

Munchie is at that phase where she repeats everything she hears. I need to start watching what I say around her. Thankfully I don’t swear, otherwise I would really have a problem. Recently she has been going around telling everybody Mommy drinks too much coffee. As if that was news.

I went to a bookstore the other night. I got lost in art.

My car needed new brakes. I took it in and they gave me a rental. I spent several days trying to figure out how to get it to do what I needed it to do. The buttons didn’t make any sense. There were little pictures that didn’t look anything like what they were supposed to do. It was like playing charades with a car and losing every time. Actually, it was more like pictionary. I still lost.

I want to go to Solvang and buy jewelry. Oh, and they have these littleĀ rum ballĀ pastries at this one coffee shop that are absolutely amazing. Delicious.

It’s called a Table of Contents. Learn how to use it. I am not being mean, I am trying to help.

Why am I still awake at this time of night? I am not even doing anything productive! The other night I was up until four in the morning working on a paper. At the end of that I felt accomplished. Now I just feel tired.

I was having coffee with a friend, and I told him I have been unhinged from the inside. He said that was a good thing. He forgot to explain.

I wrote a blog post a few months ago. I lied.

But only a little.