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14 Things

Since every other blogger is making lists of things they are grateful for, here is mine. When reading this, keep in mind that this is not to say I am not grateful for my friends, and family, and all of the wonderful opportunities I have gotten. I am. But everyone already knows this. There are so many small things each day, that I don’t always stop to acknowledge, for which I am also grateful. And here are fourteen of them.

1. I am thankful that my children don’t yet know how to tell time, so bed time is whenever I am too tired to continue the day.
2. I am grateful that my friends haven’t yet figured out that I don’t know what I am doing half the time, or if they have, that they have kindly kept it to themselves.
3. Dry shampoo. Very grateful.
4. I am thankful my daughter obviously inherited my genes and now owns over a dozen pairs of shoes (which, for a three year old, is very impressive).
5. I am thankful for just about anything with caffeine in it.
6. I am grateful to the make-up companies that created 16-hour everlasting beauty products because it makes me feel like I am not the only person who actually has days that last long enough to require these types of products.
7. I am thankful for the people at Smirnoff. They do good work.
8. I am thankful for writers, who shall remain nameless, and who created works so purposefully difficult and practically unintelligible, that, should I ever wish to torment my students, would more than serve the purpose.
9. I am thankful that my children are at the age where my biggest problem is that they can’t find their juice bottles.

10. I am grateful that none of my kids or cats have thrown up on me in the last week. Small victories.

11. I am thankful to whoever invented cake frosting in a can. I cannot thank you enough.

12. I am thankful for BeBe, a brand that has been clothing me for over a decade, and makes dresses so tight that even if I were to gain weight, you couldn’t tell.

13. I am thankful for friends who will be honest enough to one day tell me to stop wearing skanky dresses.

14. I am grateful for my bed, that I don’t see as often as I should, but which I think about and miss every waking moment.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ten Reasons I am Thankful

We all love the holidays for the parties, the food, and the general sense of festivities. But during the holiday season I also like to take some time to reflect on the things I am grateful for, and realize how lucky I am. It is hard to narrow it down to just ten, but I did my best.
1.       My husband
He is always there for me. His patience abounds (being married to me requires a lot of patience). He loves me deeply. He takes care of me, and is altogether a wonderful husband. He is also an amazing father.
2.        My daughter
She has changed the person I am and how I live my life.
3.       My Son
Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, he reminds me I have still a lot to learn. And his giggle is absolutely contagious.
4.       My family
I have a great family. We have our ups and downs, and sometimes sideway moments, but I am still glad to have all of you in my life.
5.       My friends
They are there for me in good times, and in bad. They cheer me up. Keep me going. Make me happy. And the really special ones go out for frozen yogurt and coffee.
6.       My co-workers
Both the ones in my office, and the ones online. You guys are great, supportive, and you motivate me more than you think.
7.       My house
I love my house, my home. My husband and I worked hard for it, and we treasure it. It is where I go for comfort, warmth, and to be with my favorite people.
8.       The many opportunities I have been given this year
I cannot even count how many great opportunities I have encountered this year. I have taken my writing to heights it has never been (please do not take this post as an example. I am extremely emotional while writing this, so it does not count). I have given birth to an amazing little boy. I have found passions I did not know I have. I have found yet another piece of the puzzle of me. I have found a little piece of happiness.
9.       My job
I am very grateful to have a job. In this economy, it truly can be a blessing.
10.   Everyone who I have encountered in real life and online
So many different people have touched and affected me this year. I saved this one for last, because I cannot fully express how happy I am to have gotten to know everyone, even if just a little. You are amazing and thank you for existing.
What are you thankful for?