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Ducky’s Birthday

I managed to make Ducky’s cupcakes in time for the party. It took all evening and all morning since I had to stop every few cupcakes to go lay down on my back. Sleeping on the floor last night helped enormously as I was able to walk upright for the most part. And I am about to say one of the most cliche things I have ever said, but seriously what kept me going was envisioning Ducky’s smile when he saw the little duck cupcakes I made him. And when he saw them, I got just that.They look a little weird, but everyone who saw them concurred that they were indeed ducks.

I made a little army of them.
The venue was nice for a small child’s birthday party. Ducky got his own little guitar balloon, crown, and front row seat to the mouse concert.
I spent most of the party sitting at the table trying not to exacerbate my back problems, but the kids had a great time. On the few occasions I did make it out onto the game floor, I got this great picture of Ducky with his favorite uncle.

We sat Ducky in front of the cupcakes to get him to blow out the candles. After which I asked him which cupcake he wanted. He said “the yellow one.”

I was trying to get him to look at the camera.

Chuck E also tried to get him to look at camera, but Ducky instead decided to point too, while looking away.
The kids had a great time, so as far as I am concerned the party was a success.
I am still pretty sore, so back to laying down for me. Aside from Ducky’s thing my back has managed to cancel my entire weekend. Granted I would never miss my son’s birthday, even if I would have to be carried there. But I would have liked to do all the other things I had planned as well.
Needless to say, I won’t be having dinner tonight with my friend who just got back. I emailed her this morning, and it turns out she is also coming down with a cold, so it may be for the best that neither of us go anywhere. But…. but…. I had a cute little top I wanted to wear. Oh well… there is always next week. I will try to use my evening wisely and get some studying done.

Wordless Wednesday

Munchie’s birthday started the night before with friends at a restaurant.
We had a Princess and the Frog theme… I made appropriate cupcakes.
Sitting on Grandma’s lap. She looks content. Poor Ducky got cut out of the picture.

My little Princess.

She did not like us singing “Happy Birthday.” I can’t really blame her. If any of you have ever heard me sing, you would understand. And you would be doing the same thing.