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Ten Fun Winter Activities

Last weekend it rained. Hard. Which meant all outdoor activities were nixed off the list. Now, try explaining that to a hyper two year old who wants nothing but to run around outside. She spent most of the day in front of the patio door, pointing and making sad (albeit cute) pouty faces. This was Saturday. By Sunday, I had a plan. While you debate letting your little one splash in the puddles outside, and contemplate the giant mess you will have to clean up, here are ten fun tips for keeping her active, entertained, and most importantly, warm and dry.

1. Go to the toy store

I know this sounds completely counterintuitive to your sanity, and probably your check book too, but it can actually be quite productive and fun. I am not suggesting buying anything. Spend several hours letting your child experience the toys. Get an idea of which items she likes more than others. See how she interacts with the toys, and gage how much use and benefit she would get from them. This helps you solidify your Christmas list. When it is time to go, explain to her she will receive something special at Christmas time.

2. Play hide and seek

But remember to keep it simple so your wee one doesn’t get too frustrated, or worse, scared. She may not yet understand the concept of hiding, but she can definitely seek.

3. Dance

Put on some music and let loose. If you don’t know how to dance, don’t worry, your kid doesn’t either, so just bounce around have fun.

4. Put on a fashion show

At this age kids grow an inch a second. They will outgrow their clothes before you can finish doing the week’s laundry. Use this opportunity to have some fun with your kid (toddlers love trying to learn how to dress and undress themselves) while also figuring out what items in their wardrobe are no longer viable options.

5. Build a fort

Use your couch, some sheets and throw pillows. Throw in a few dining room chairs. You now have the perfect castle, fort, tent, etc. Let your imagination guide you.

6. Go to the park

If it is not raining or snowing, but it is still cold outside don’t rule out going to the park. Bundle up and you can still have a blast. Just think of the yummy hot cocoa you both can enjoy when you get back. Don’t forget the marshmallows.

7. Move

Put a bunch of toys in a pile, and then the both of you pick some up and move them across the house. Go back for more, until the entire pile is moved over. Repeat as many times as your kid has energy. Feel free to skip the gym tonight.

8. Go for a walk

Don’t set a destination. Don’t plan. Just take a stroll through your neighborhood. But don’t walk until you are both completely tired or your little one won’t be able to make it home. You will be surprised at how many things you have never seen before.

9. Decorate

Christmas is less than two months away, and you don’t want to get caught up doing everything last minute. Buy a large bag of popcorn, cereal, etc. and some string. Make giant garlands to string up for the holidays. Have her hand you the kernels as you string them through the needle. Enjoy a few bites along the way.

10. Make your own wrapping paper

While you are in the holiday spirit, create your own wrapping paper. All you need are some giant sheets of drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils, washable markers, stamps, or whatever you want to use to decorate, and have at it! Grandma will love her custom wrapped gifts.

What are some of your favorite winter activities?

A Letter To My Children

Dear Munchie and Ducky,
On most nights you both seem rather upset by your bedtimes. You fight going to bed as if your lives depended on it. Teary and red eyed, exhausted, and practically delirious you make your last stands. I think you two feel as though by going to bed you will be missing out on a lot of interesting, important, and amusing activities in the living room.
Unfortunately, I think it is time we told you, you are right. Most of the fun activities happens after we put you to bed.
You know that board game we told you to leave alone because it is really boring? We lied. We just didn’t want you losing all the tiny pieces. It is what we do after you are asleep.
Those voices you think you may have heard while half dreaming? They are usually the TV (because we don’t just watch Yo Gabba Gabba, we have our own shows), but once in a while, we have people over, and we have a party. And as much as we love you, you are not invited.
Aside from the soda you are not allowed to have, there is this thing called rum. We mix it with the soda every once in a while to unwind after you have been complaining, screaming, and whining for the past three hours.
I am sorry we have to tell you this, but we feel you are old enough. Sleep tight!