42 Boring Things About Me

Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka did this, and I thought it was pretty cool. Except I can’t come up with 100 things, so here are 42. And apparently I can’t count either (keep reading and you will understand).

1.       I have two kids.
2.       I am married.
3.       I am crazy clean, meaning I clean like crazy. It is like anorexia, except with dirt instead of food, but the control issues are still there.
4.       This is a conversation I had with my husband the other night after I got our son to bed:
Me: “I hope he stays down.”
Hubby: “How long?”
Me: “Until tomorrow…”
Hubby: “Why?”
Me: “Um… why do I want our son to sleep through the night? Are you seriously asking me this?”
5.       I was a blond for many, many years. I was a brunette for about five seconds before I realized it really does not suit my complexion. I am/have been a red head for about four years. I love red the best.
6.       But I will always be a blond at heart.
7.       I love blogging.
8.       I get blogger’s block.
9.       Then I read other amazing blogs, and I get inspired.
10.   I love reading bloggers who are a billion times better than me… it gives me something to aspire to.
11.   I cannot live without coffee. If you saw me in the morning, you would totally understand what I mean.
12.   I enjoy being pregnant.
13.   I have a lot of friends. I am still not sure how that happened.
14.   I love grocery shopping. Don’t ask.
15.   Sometimes I write blog posts and I delete them because I realize they suck and no one wants to read them. This one can probably make that list.
16.   I will write for money. Just ask.
17.   I don’t really understand how social networking works, but apparently I am good at it. Huh?
18.   Almond milk kind of creeps me out. I have this visual of an almond getting milked…
19.   I have a favorite child. I am not telling anyone which one.
20.   I love pink. But my favorite color is burgundy.
21.   I secretly want to quit my day job and become a wedding planner.
22.   I love baby showers.
23.   I love planning baby showers.
24.   I like to watch Jeopardy and play along.
25.   I am completely addicted to trail mix.
26.   I love decorating cup cakes.
27.   I am terrible at decorating cup cakes, but it doesn’t mean I will stop.
28.   I have a ridiculous amount of shoes. Think about the most shoes you have seen in one room aside from a store. Yeah, I have more than that.
29.   I love big, gaudy jewelry. I know it is tacky. I know it is loud. I love it.
30.   I am about as subtle as a train wreck.
31.   I like nice cars.
32.   I am still afraid of the dark.
33.   One of my favorite places in the world is Stockholm. I have never been there.
34.   The only thing I liked about high school was the grades I got.
35.   I am short, so those high heels I wear are totally necessary.
36.   My husband has a thing for short women. I think.
37.   I like to get all done up, dressed up, etc. and then go to Starbucks or the local grocery store.
38.   This has been the most difficult post I have written in a long time.
39.   I try to be funny, but a lot of people don’t get my sarcasm.
40.   People take me seriously. I am not sure why.
41.   Google is mad at me because other people took me seriously.
42.   Ending sentences in prepositions is where it’s at.
43.   Sometimes I amuse myself, and no one else. And that is okay.44.   I love ellipses…
45.   I meant to write only 42 things because 42 is my favorite number.
46.   I guess you get four bonus boring facts!


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