3 Must Haves On Your Christmas Shopping List

I am a meticulous shopper. I do all my research before buying anything, and I have put a lot of thought into my Christmas shopping list. The following three items are absolute must haves for this season… for a toddler. If you don’t have children, and are not planning on buying anything for anyone else’s children, then please feel free to read my other posts. They are very good. I promise.
If you are interested in shopping for small children, I guarantee the following three items are a crowd pleaser. Even if your crowd consists of itsy bitsy ones.
They help your toddler further develop their fine motor skills, and expand their imagination. And if you don’t mind finding duplo blocks all over your house, they will keep your toddler occupied for hours. Totally worth it.
It gives your toddler oodles of buttons to press. It is instructional. Best of all, it keeps your little one off of your laptop. Next time he/she reaches for yours, hand them their own. You will both be happy.
Your little one is getting to the age where they will see puppies and kitties and want a pet. This one is perfect. You don’t have to feed it. And walking is optional. If you already have a dog, this one is easy for your little one to walk, and it will play with him/her endlessly.
All of these products are affordable. Also, they make minimal amounts of noise (even the laptop is not terribly annoying). Happy shopping!
If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to read my other ones, they are all equally good. If you read this far, and did not care for this post, I swear this is the worst post I have ever written, so read others because they are much better.

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