Weekends, Dinners, Plans, and Maybe A Baby.

My weekend plans have been getting derailed for weeks now with something or other. This weekend I was supposed to be in Solvang. In case you are wondering, I am not. And I won’t be there next weekend either. In fact, I won’t be there until Labor Day weekend.

Then I have been trying to get together with friends for dinner. Hasn’t happened. I have been wanting to go to this lovely place down Melrose for some time now. Since no one else was able to join me, I just went by myself. The Colonial was amazing! I would post pictures, but honestly, how many pictures do you need of me having flatbreads and champagne? And it wouldn’t even be a picture of me, but of the table with the customary purse, flatbread, glass of champagne, and book. I am reading Julian Barnes’ Flaubert’s Parrot. The man never ceases to amaze me. Barnes that is, not Flaubert (who I enjoy, but cannot really say I am amazed by).

Anyway, for dessert I had a cheese plate. I didn’t know they had one, even though it would make perfect sense that they would, so I should have asked. The waiter saw how much I was enjoying my flatbread and asked if I wanted some cheese on the side. I nodded, he brought it over, and Oh my God! I think I may have moaned when I took my first bite. The few people sitting around me thought it was adorable, and I spent the next half an hour in cheese ecstasy. Oh…

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with Tanya (maybe), but I couldn’t bring her here. The “maybe” is because her baby is due today, so she may go into labor at any time. Unless the baby decides otherwise, we will have dinner tomorrow night, but very local to her house (just in case), hence why I could not bring her to The Colonial.

We email back and forth each day, but I still have a lot to tell her. Many things have taken place over the past couple of weeks that I can’t really blog about (which is driving me crazy!), so a nice sit down dinner with a friend will be a good thing. Not that I didn’t have a wonderful evening tonight, but talking with another person would be very nice.

I did talk to the nice couple sitting at the table next to me a for a bit. She asked me about my hair, which I told her was not actually my natural color (why do so many people assume this?), and then they showed me pictures of their daughter who lives in Tel Aviv. She has hair similar to mine, but naturally, and looks like a younger version of Nicole Kidman, and just as gorgeous.

I have never been to Tel Aviv, but I have known plenty of people who have, and they all told me it was wonderful. Maybe I will get to go one day.

In the meantime I will just worry about putting everything else into place.

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