After reading my post last night, Sean emailed me. Aside from trying to piece together half forgotten memories, he sent me a link to a song because he heard it, and I was the first person he thought of.

It would make sense that if I remembered half of an event, and he remembered half, then we would be able to put it all together. But it doesn’t work that way apparently.

Anyway, the song he sent is Doubt by the Corin Tucker Band. I have never heard of them before, but I like the song. I am unable to upload it (there are no good versions on youtube). So, after searching for this all over the vast internet, I found a site that plays a good version of it. Click here.

After I heard it, despite liking it, I didn’t know what exactly reminded him of me. Sean classified this as a “getting pumped” kind of song. I see it more as contemplative. Of course I had trouble understanding pretty much all of the lyrics. I looked them up. Okay, now I see.

P.S. Yes, you are right, the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just liked it.


  1. Hubby’s a musician. I’m not but I do love music, and I always know all the lyrics and I can recognise songs pretty well with only a chord or two. I love when we introduce songs to each other. He plays them, and I (try to) sing them.

  2. Marianna: that sounds fun! I don’t think I should sing though.

    Sean: Thank you for the link! I now have all sorts of new music to listen to 🙂

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