The Little Black Dress Dilemma

My friend’s wedding is rapidly approaching, and once again I am a bride’s maid. I must be very good at it because I get asked at least once a year. In fact I can probably consider myself a professional by now. I am not sure such a thing exists, but I think I am only a few more weddings away from being able to put this on my resume.I have worn a variety of dresses. Some more flattering than others. I have to say I love it when the bride just picks a color and lets me get anything within the spectrum. I love it even more when she picks a color that I wear well. This time around Cam picked black and gave me leeway with form. I haven’t bought a new black dress in ages, so I am pretty excited. I need a new little black dress. However, I am also being wedding appropriate, so what I may generally wear out to a nice dinner might not be that great for a moderately religious/conservative wedding.

This Friday Tanya and I will be perusing malls in search of the perfect dress. I want to get a head start in case I don’t find it the first time. However, keeping in mind I am trying to be semi conservative, here are several dresses I would love to own, but will *not* be buying for this occasion. I will simply admire them in picture form, and maybe find some excuses for one or two of them. Invent some sort of gathering that I absolutely have to attend which coincidentally requires I purchase one of these dresses. Maybe I will host an ice cream social. Everyone wins.

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