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The Wedding In Pictures…

Today was Cam’s wedding… These are some of the pictures. I will have more as I collect them from various people, and even more once I get the pictures from the photographer.

It started this morning around 9 a.m. at the beauty salon, with mimosas, hair styles, and make up.
Then we went to the venue and began getting ready….
I had a knack for putting my things in inappropriate places… can you tell what doesn’t belong in the picture?
Cam made this tree for the entrance table.
Another gift from then…
The bride’s maids…
The bride…
Impromptu photo…
The bride and groom… plus family….
The bride’s maids relaxing.
Pretty scenery…
It is hard to see, but there were geese all over the venue, and this is a picture of them.
One of Robert’s children putting on her floral head piece… (he is okay with me posting this one).
The bride and groom again…
The bride’s maids legs… we were bored… can you tell?
Father-daughter dance… (I don’t have any good pictures of the bride and groom dance)…
Tanya got a good picture of the back of my dress…
Tanya and I messed around in the photo booth…
The second song played Cam reserved for me… It is Elton John’s Tiny Dancer… one of my favorite songs, and the tiny people dancing the background of this photo are me and Cam.
Cake cutting….
A really bad picture of Tanya… right before I left…(Mary’s son is making bunny years on her)…

A Day In Pictures

Ok, so it is not really a day in pictures, more like an evening. But my day was comprised of going to my old school and meeting with one of my letter writers in the morning followed by going to work and facilitating a three and half hour task force committee. While I am sure you are all dying to see pictures of that, I don’t have any.After all of that excitement I went to Cam’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. The venue is beautiful (as you will see from the wedding pictures I am sure to post). We rehearsed the entire ceremony a few times. I am really hoping Ecclesiastes shows up on the GRE.

Cam is a lot taller than me, which I usually remedied with high heels. Her heels were bigger than mine.

I swear I am not a midget.
I thought I was a bride’s maid. Apparently I am the maid of honor. I didn’t even know it. She got me a little gift.
Inside the satchel… a beautiful crystal necklace with matching earrings.
Cam with her husband (well, he will be her husband on Sunday).
I have a very beautiful picture of Robert with Cam and Robert’s children, but he doesn’t like pictures of his children being posted, so I will just keep that one to myself.
Why do I always look so serious when I am driving?
Tanya and Casey.
At the end of the evening….

The Little Black Dress Dilemma

My friend’s wedding is rapidly approaching, and once again I am a bride’s maid. I must be very good at it because I get asked at least once a year. In fact I can probably consider myself a professional by now. I am not sure such a thing exists, but I think I am only a few more weddings away from being able to put this on my resume.I have worn a variety of dresses. Some more flattering than others. I have to say I love it when the bride just picks a color and lets me get anything within the spectrum. I love it even more when she picks a color that I wear well. This time around Cam picked black and gave me leeway with form. I haven’t bought a new black dress in ages, so I am pretty excited. I need a new little black dress. However, I am also being wedding appropriate, so what I may generally wear out to a nice dinner might not be that great for a moderately religious/conservative wedding.

This Friday Tanya and I will be perusing malls in search of the perfect dress. I want to get a head start in case I don’t find it the first time. However, keeping in mind I am trying to be semi conservative, here are several dresses I would love to own, but will *not* be buying for this occasion. I will simply admire them in picture form, and maybe find some excuses for one or two of them. Invent some sort of gathering that I absolutely have to attend which coincidentally requires I purchase one of these dresses. Maybe I will host an ice cream social. Everyone wins.