A Day In Pictures

Ok, so it is not really a day in pictures, more like an evening. But my day was comprised of going to my old school and meeting with one of my letter writers in the morning followed by going to work and facilitating a three and half hour task force committee. While I am sure you are all dying to see pictures of that, I don’t have any.After all of that excitement I went to Cam’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. The venue is beautiful (as you will see from the wedding pictures I am sure to post). We rehearsed the entire ceremony a few times. I am really hoping Ecclesiastes shows up on the GRE.

Cam is a lot taller than me, which I usually remedied with high heels. Her heels were bigger than mine.

I swear I am not a midget.
I thought I was a bride’s maid. Apparently I am the maid of honor. I didn’t even know it. She got me a little gift.
Inside the satchel… a beautiful crystal necklace with matching earrings.
Cam with her husband (well, he will be her husband on Sunday).
I have a very beautiful picture of Robert with Cam and Robert’s children, but he doesn’t like pictures of his children being posted, so I will just keep that one to myself.
Why do I always look so serious when I am driving?
Tanya and Casey.
At the end of the evening….

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