Very Important Hair Research

Cam’s wedding is tomorrow, and she has requested that her bridesmaids wear their hair up. I am not particularly fond of the updo, but it is her wedding, and if my hair worn up makes it even an iota more memorable for her, than I will gladly oblige. However, aside from my little jogging pony tail I don’t know anything about updos. I haven’t had one in years, and have never had them on a regular basis.Last night, after her rehearsal dinner I spent my time doing some research on hair styles I like and would potentially look decent on me. I reevaluated the list this morning. Here is a list of pictures of the ones I am leaning towards, so tomorrow morning when the hairdresser asks me how I would like my hair my answer won’t be “um… up?” and I will have come concrete examples to show her.

I think I am going for a braided look. Can you tell?

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