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21 More Things


I have moved away from Buzzfeed for the time being, and I found this other site that makes lists (I do love lists). 21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20’s. What I found interesting is that this is pretty much a random list of things people would want at any age, and half of these I either wanted and/or had by the time I turned 18. Maybe I didn’t develop properly.

1. A job where  you have to wear something nice.

I have been what you would consider “overdressed” since elementary school, and even when I worked part time for minimum wage, I still dressed well. Yes, I understand the implication that having a job which mandates dressing well means it is a nice job, I have to say this is an incorrect inference. I had a friend in undergrad who worked as a waitress at a local restaurant. She was getting paid minimum wage (plus tips of course), and was expected to wear cocktail dresses and fancy shoes. She hated everything about her job except for her attire.

2. Sangria.

Ok, I do have to agree with this one. I discovered sangria in my early 20’s, and had a very good first experience with it.

3. At least a few hours of precious weekend time to browse home decorating websites.

I have never had the desire to browse decorating sites for any extended period of time. Maybe this want will develop in me later on in my 50’s or something.

4. Dinner parties.

Again, I am not sure what this has to do with the 20’s. I loved helping my mom prep for dinner parties for as far back as I have memories.

5. A hearty breakfast.

Nope. Never was a breakfast person, still not, probably won’t be.

6. Classic jazz.

Playing the piano got me into classic jazz long before my mid 20’s.

7. A desk to work at.

I think in my mid 20’s I started appreciating my desk… but I had had one for several years already.

8. A decent amount of time to do everything.

You would think that by the time someone got into their mid-20’s they would know that there is never enough time… for anything. Granted I learned the lesson when I got to college, and I know not everyone goes to college, I am sure there are equivalent lessons learned through other means.

9. Friends who work in the same industry as you.

Not really. No. In fact I have only recently joined most of my friends in their pursuits. A large part of my friends got their doctorates long ago and have been teaching at universities for years. I have only just now began it all. At no point in my previous career would I have wished my friends to join me.

10. Functional clothes to wear to weddings.

There is nothing functional about a wedding. And considering I have been a bridesmaid to almost every wedding I have attended… well…. you try finding a functional bridesmaid dress.

11. Throw pillows.

I have an interesting on and off relationship with throw pillows, but I am not entirely sure when it started. I think we are kind of on right now.

12. A blender.

Yes. I did get my first blender in my mid 2o’s. Coincidently it was also the first time I lived by myself. Hrm…

13. Activities.

Um… I am pretty sure I have always wanted/enjoyed/participated in activities. I assure you I did not spend the first 20+ years of my life in a cave.

14. Yoga.

Yes, I did take up yoga in my mid 20’s. I would like to some day take it up again.

15. Someone to wake up next to.

Again, not something I feel is particular to being in your mid-20’s.

16. An iPad.

Um… well… considering they didn’t exist, I did not want an iPad in my mid 20’s. However, I don’t own one, nor want one now either.

17. A calendar.

No, I like organizing things and making lists entirely too much not have wanted a calendar far sooner than my 20’s.

18. Bottomless brunch.

Are you kidding? I have wanted bottomless meals since the day I was born!

19. A cute travel mug.

Nope, my coffee cup fetish began when I was still in my teens. By the time I reached my mid-20’s I was a travel mug connoisseur.

20. A good knowledge of wine bars.

Actually I didn’t even know these things existed until about two years ago. However, I have found a favorite one and have so far gone there multiple times with Tanya, Hannah, and Mary. Stephanie and Allie are next.

21. Routine.

I am a creature of habit. Routine has been my favorite thing since forever.

21 Things


Buzzfeed just came up with a new list, 21 Signs You’ve Been British Too Long. Well, I haven’t been British at all, however, after looking at the list I am beginning to think I am secretly British, have been at it for perhaps too long, and probably should do something about it.

Not all apply, but here is their list, with my commentary.

1. You’re angry that the Canadians have stolen our stereotype of being polite, but you’re too polite to say anything about it. 

I am in fact too polite to say many things, however I harbor no animosity towards Canadians for their politeness.

2. On at least one occasion you have thrown the teabag in the sink and the spoon in the bin. 

Yes. Several times. And considering I don’t drink tea except in winter (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore), the fact that I have done this on multiple occasions is more a testament to my spaciness than an indication of my being British.

3. You have been known to applaud sarcastically when your train arrives 20 minutes late. 

I have not taken public transport in many years, but even so I think I would just sit quietly and wait.

4. This infuriates you in more ways than you can describe: Keep Calm and put milk in your tea first. 

Actually yes, that does irk me.

5. So does this: Day-Month- Year versus Month-Day-Year. 

I am impartial.

6. You often find yourself dropping everything and running outside to look at hedgehogs. 

If there were actually hedgehogs outside, I would definitely drop everything to go see.

7. You don’t know how to react when you ask someone how they’re doing and they say something other than “Fine, thanks.” 

I always thought this was an American thing. As long as you don’t burst into tears I am well equipped to handle whatever you tell me. But please,  no tears.

8. You are enraged you see two buses pass each other on the road and the drivers don’t wave at each other. 

I think “enraged” is a very strong word here. I don’t even know if I would think about something like that.

9. You have apologized to an empty room because the person you were looking for wasn’t in it. 

Yes, I have. I apologize for everything, all the time, so I suppose it’s just a habit. Sorry you had to read this.

10. You’re worried that the person at the Tesco checkout thinks you’re saying “I don’t know” rather than “I don’t, no,” when being asked if you have a Club card, thus making yourself look like a brainless imbecile. 

This has actually happened. Not at Tesco per se, but you get the idea.

11. You know the dark, existential anguish of eating a Penguin and accidentally throwing away the wrapper without remembering to look at the joke. 

I have never thrown away the wrapper before reading the joke. But then again, I have only ever eaten a Penguin once. In case you were wondering, it was delicious.

12. And it secretly bothers you that there’s not a white chocolate version of Penguins called Polar Bears. 

I feel Penguins should come in all varieties. When it come to chocolate, I do not discriminate.

13. It bothers you that microwaves don’t come with the Countdown theme installed.

No. Just no.

14. You often have occasion to be sad that your fingers are now too large to properly fit Hula Hoops on.

Nope, my fingers are just the right size for playing with my snacks.

15.  It takes you ten minutes to write a one line email because you’re constantly worry that you’ll sound too formal/informal/patronising/rude.

Welcome to my work day. Every day.

16.  You have had the experience of going to make a cup of tea and realizing halfway through making it that you already had a cup you hadn’t finished yet.

While I have done this with tea, I usually do this with coffee. And British people don’t just drink tea all day, you know.

17. And you’ve also had the world shattering experience of going to drink your tea and finding out you’ve already drunk it.

See above.

18. You often find yourself apologizing to innocent people standing NEAR the queue, just in case you’ve accidentally jumped in front of them.

I hover around, figuring out the situation without intruding into their space. Queues are very confusing.

19. You’re slightly upset that you weren’t actually given any say in ASDA’s “Chosen by You” range.

No, not at all.

20. You have said “Thank you” to a cashpoint.

I may have.

21. And you still miss Woolworths.

Only been once, and I have to say, I kind of liked it.

Hrm…  this sounds like a high percentage of general British behavior. Maybe. Am I going to do anything about it? Other than post this blog, no. Enjoy!