Shopping and a Kitty

On Saturday, just a few days before Christmas, I decided I was going to get some shopping done. Not Christmas shopping, mind you. No, there were a few things I needed, and obviously they couldn’t wait. I had originally planned a quiet day with the kids to rest up for all the activity of this weekend. Several friends are in town, and all of their families are having people over. Some of these people I have known almost my entire life, and their parents of course wanted to see my children. Last time some of them saw me I was pregnant with Munchie, so it has been a while.
This relaxing Saturday afternoon was in the making when my mother called. Apparently over the last few months she has gotten used to having the kids for a day each weekend. I told her I wasn’t really planning on it this week, but she will see them for Christmas in a few days. Nope.
I took the kids to my parent’s house on Saturday mid morning and began playing with them in the back yard. Since I have been dropping the kids off and heading on my merry way, my parents wanted to know why I was still there. They love me dearly, but I was hogging the children. Um… well then. Since I pretty much always have a book or two in my giant purse I headed off to Starbucks thinking I was going to get some reading done. Starbucks a few days before Christmas is not the place to get any reading done. But there was a mall just down the street. And I did need some things. So that is how I ended up going shopping amidst all the madness. I did find almost everything I was looking for. Except a new pair of jeans and one other thing. Still working on that.
With some more time to kill I ended up at Tanya’s house and we went grocery shopping for the brunch she was having the next day. Which was absolutely delicious by the way. While at her house, Duncan, her adorable kitty, was totally fascinated with my coat, and for such a long period of time that I, Tanya, and her husband all took pictures of the cuteness. Duncan was practically trying to climb into my coat, but could not figure out how. I used the best picture as the header for this post. What would Christmas be without cute kitty pictures? It would not be as good, that is for sure.
Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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