I Think I Broke It…

I can break technology in ways I didn’t even know were possible. In fact I am pretty sure I have just invented a new way of breaking technology. I would totally patent it, except I am not sure what I did. Basically my entire laptop is now in Korean. I don’t remember pressing anything followed by a “are you sure you would like to switch to Korean?” pop-up.
I tried Googling how to switch my language back, except my Google and the search results are also in Korean. Not very helpful. I am sure by now you are wondering how I know it is in fact Korean and not another language. When I tried logging in to my blog it asked me if I wanted to translate from Korean to English. YES! Nothing happened.
As I was playing around with all the buttons that I did not understand I think I found features of my blog I never knew existed. Or maybe I did, but now they just look different and I no longer recognize them. Either way. Also, I may have activated the setting for sparkling glitter explosions on my home page. I definitely didn’t know that setting was there. At least that is what the little characters looked like they were doing. I apologize to anyone who may incur seizures trying to read this. If I get too many complaints about all the glitter I will just have to start another blog because I am most certainly never going to find the button for that setting again.
At this point I have given up trying to fix it. The computer seems to be getting more agitated the more buttons I press. But I have posted so many entries I can navigate the essentials without actually reading the buttons. If I ever want to do anything fancy I guess I will just have to learn Korean. How hard could it be?
P.S. The picture above is actually what my laptop looks like. I am sure you were dying to know.

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