I Eat On The Outside

As I was eating salsa out of a bowl for lunch, I realized I have some pretty strange eating habits. I tend to eat parts of dishes, and usually the parts that most consider accompaniments.
I eat salsa and guacamole by themselves. No chips. I used to eat a lot of cake, but soon realized I was just eating it because I like the frosting. So I wised up and decided to save a step; now I just eat frosting straight out of the can, no cake needed. I eat cereal without milk. I eat the insides of sandwiches. But on other days I just eat plain bread for lunch. I drink white wine with steak and other red meat dishes. I eat chocolate for breakfast. And cookies for dinner. I eat frozen yogurt because I like the yogurt chip toppings. I eat cheese by itself, just because. I eat whipped cream by itself. Sometimes, I eat sour cream by itself.
Ducky is too young to now any better, but Munchie has started catching on. Now she eats frosting as a snack, stopped putting milk in her cereal, and the other day I caught her eating the inside of her hot dog. Oh dear, what have I done…

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