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Schedule? What’s That?

Aside from my sleeping schedule, which is currently pretty much non existent, this last semester has somehow also deregulated my eating schedule. There were numerous days each week where, in between meetings, general office business, and teaching, I was forced to eat at off hours if I was going to eat at all.

Lunch was often at ten thirty in the morning, or if not, I would have to wait to eat until after class, when I would get home at eleven at night. Or, on days when it was a little more lenient, dinner was at four in the afternoon, or the same consequences would ensue. While I am generally good at going for prolonged periods of time without food, I can’t maintain this sort of thing over an entire semester. This became a regular thing, and pretty soon my entire body became accustomed to it.

The semester ended,  I have returned to my previous schedule, and since this is the week right before holiday break, there are no ridiculous meetings, but my body continues to insist on eating as it did before. By ten this morning I was already craving lunch, and having dinner at seven or eight seems like an eternity. And then at around eleven at night, when I used to just be getting home, I am hungry again for no reason.

It is not terrible, but very annoying. I am trying to force my body back into a normal schedule (who has lunch at 10:30 in the morning?), but I am sure that as soon as I do, it will be only a week or less before the semester begins again, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I will have to push it around once more. And who knows what that will entail….

P.S. There is a picture of ice cream for this post because that is what I had for lunch yesterday when I started writing this. Thought you should know.

Irritated Post #23

When I am sitting at a table by myself reading a book, I am not attempting to use it as a prop or conversation started. I understand not everyone knows this, but when you ask me what I am reading and I reply “a book,” this should be the first indication that I am not feeling particularly chatty.

I can’t not be nice, so even my short responses come with a friendly smile, and I am beginning to think this may confuse people.

Maybe I should start carrying a sign, but then I would probably get questions about the sign, defeating its purpose. “No sir, I am not picketing, I would simply like to be left alone.”

I think the worst is when they continue talking, but haven’t the slightest clue what they are talking about. No, Prometheus Unbound is not the newest John Grisham bestseller. Uh huh, yes, I am sure he is fascinating.

My favorite is “you must be really smart.” Obviously not smart enough to eat my lunch at home.