I Could Never Name My Kid That!

Naming your baby is difficult. My husband and I deliberated for a long time with naming both our children, and performed numerous searches. I often times found myself reading articles about how other parents name their kids in the hopes of being inspired.

There were a lot of articles that advocated waiting until you meet your baby before naming them. Thinking back on everything which went through my head when I met my daughter, that approach would have gotten her stuck with a name like “Scrunchie” or “Fronky” or any other cutsie name my husband and/or I came up with. Currently our daughter is “Munchie” short for Munchkin, and our son is “Fronky” a split between mommy’s little froggy and daddy’s little monkey. I would never in a million years consider actually legally naming my children either of these names. Unless I was just coming off of the epidural, hopped up on pain meds, and my husband is too ecstatic to notice me signing any paperwork.

Is this why we have so many strangely named children? Did the parents wait until they got to see their baby and then blurt out “Squishy” in a rush of adrenaline and excitement, forever maiming, um, I mean naming their child an odd adjective used to describe them in their first hours after birth?

Naming a child is a hard decision to make. Especially when you have two people trying to compromise on the “perfect name.” I just cannot see the several months process condensed into a mere few hours.

How did you come up with your child’s name?

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