Child Ban? OK Sometimes

I have been reading all the debates about small children being banned from some restaurants and other private establishments in recent days. I have two small children, a sixteen months old, and a five day old. Honestly, I kind of agree with the decrees.
A lot of parents are terribly disgruntled, but you have to stop and think about the non-parents. Or the parents who are out on their own. When my husband and I go out on our date nights, it is our little private escape. And lets face it, we are mostly escaping the kids. Don’t get me wrong, we love our children, but once in a while we like adult time. So I do not want to go to dinner and hear children crying and screaming.
There are certain places children just should not be. From a non-parents point of view, the list is perhaps on the long side, but they are entitled to their quiet time as well. I mean, that is why they most likely don’t have children. So before you pack up junior to hit up the fancy sushi joint that just opened down the street, think of everyone else at the establishment as well. It is not selfish to want some quiet time, especially if having children was not your choice to begin with. If it was, then you probably went to great lengths to get someone to watch them for the evening, so you don’t want to have to watch someone else’s.
What do you think? Should kids be allowed everywhere?

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