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Socially Awkward

I am socially awkward. Aside from my uncanny ability to insert my foot into my mouth from angles you have never even imagined, I am also rather inept at social cues. Like when I am picking up women at bars. Because I apparently do that.
Tanya and I went to the Tegan and Sara concert on Friday. Aside from multiple other comical incidents that evening, I did something very “adorable.” And I say “adorable” because that is often how others refer to me. I think they mean “special” but they are just being nice. Unlike me, they understand “tact.” But I digress.
Maybe a back story is in order. I have always been very friendly with other women because I never really thought anything of it. So I am very free with my compliment if I like something another woman may be wearing, or doing. I am very tactile and cutsey. These traits generally bode well. I mean, who doesn’t like a compliment? As a woman I know how long you have spent getting ready tonight, so I commend your effort. And who doesn’t like hugs? So far it sounds like ice cream and sprinkles. Right?
Except when you go to a venue where ninety percent of the women there are, um, into other women. Which is where my social awkwardness came in. I was completely unaware of Tegan and Sara’s audience demographic. I figured a large part of the audience would be female, with a few gay men, and the rest getting dragged there by their significant others. That makes sense. I did not take anything else into consideration.
There was this woman who was standing a few feet in front of us all night, and I spent a while admiring her hair. It was a very beautiful color. In fact, it is the same color I keep trying to bring mine to. But I have stubborn hair. So, later in the evening when I encountered her between the bar and bathroom I stopped her to let her know how much I appreciate her hair. We got to talking about hair. Which led to us touching each other’s hair. Then she started rubbing my shoulders. And the whole time I was thinking “oh, she is really nice” while Tanya is standing to the side shaking her head. She was doing it in that “oh, Christene, no…” way which I immediately recognized from previous faux pas’. Oops. I didn’t know what the problem was, but I was alerted to the fact that there was one. She explained the situation. Oh.
For years I have known better than to engage men in conversations. But I wasn’t aware of women. Better yet, I wasn’t aware I was attractive to other women. I don’t know why I assumed that was the case, but I did. I just assumed women didn’t have that type of interest in me. Probably because I don’t have that kind of interest in them. Obviously my logic is flawed, but it took this evening to realize the fallacy.
Well, if anything, I now know that if this whole man thing doesn’t work out, I have options.

Late Night Thought Process

I had a little dress. Then hubby did laundry. Now I have a little sweater. I am also missing some socks and a blouse. The washer said the dryer did it. The dryer refused to answer. Hubby was conveniently unavailable for questioning. I have my suspicions. And my daughter asked me why I was anthropomorphizing the machines in our garage. Except not in those words because she is two, and probably doesn’t know the word “machine.” One day, when she gets older she will read this blog, and then realize we are genetically linked. Tamsen Wolff had something to say about that. Sort of. In a roundabout way.
On a separate note, I recently got a pedicure. Since it is cold outside and my feet will be covered for the next eight months, I got all creative and had my nails painted in dark blue. Totally office inappropriate. For those of you who work with me, I will vehemently deny any accusations of unsafe nail polish wear. Should the subject come up.
Today was my birthday, and I spent the entire day baking ridiculous amounts of cookies. And I may have eaten half of them. To be fair I was only eating the ones that were ruined. And I… er… accidentally knocked over an entire tray. So, you see, I had no choice. I couldn’t let perfectly good ruined cookies go to waste.
Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I wanted him to leave the house for the day. He did! I didn’t know that is how things work. I am not sure what he was up to, but he came home this evening with a giant role of Saran wrap. It is sitting on the kitchen counter, and I am staring at it right now, wondering two very important things. Oddly neither of which have anything to do with Saran wrap.
And on yet another unrelated note, Tanya and I are going to see Tegan and Sara in February. That’s all.