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Wordless Wednesday

So there is this trend for dark nail polish with a splash of a lighter color on the ring finger. This was my attempt at it… black polish, gold on the ring finger… not sure how I feel about it…
Sleeping next to me on the couch while I grade… She is such a Lovey.
I finally bought a pair of these… not sure what to do with them…
The Getty was having a Chaucer Family Festival day… I also briefly got to experience the room upstairs with St. Alban’s illuminated manuscripts and Canterbury stained glass windows (for obvious reasons I could not take pictures). However I foresee another trip in the near future so I can spend several hours in that room… they have manuscript creation tutorials and a virtual walk through of Canterbury Cathedral!!!
Ally and Ducky made their own illuminated manuscripts…
This is a really interesting fountain… but a very bad picture…
The kids also made their own stained glass windows… very nice creative project (theirs didn’t look quite as nice as the model shown here)….
Ally wanted her own pair of boots to match me… got her a pair that she wore for the first time.

Pants Are Overrated

Pants are overrated. “What is this insanity?” you may be wondering. Well, hold on, because this is (or seems) like a valid point. If you are a man you will be very distressed to learn that pants really are not for you. If you are a woman, pants are even less for you. Now, before anyone makes any feminist statements, don’t worry, that is not where I am going with this.

I do not propose a relapse into the long dresses of the early nineteenth century. Modern apparel is appropriate. As for the men folk, kilts are perfectly suitable. Yes, kilts. If they are good enough for the British royal family, then I am sure you can make due. And as far as I am concerned, men would look far more attractive in kilts than pants. Think of all the accessories!

Pants, while fashionable, and appealing to some senses, are rather cumbersome. You may disagree and think jeans to be the epitome of casualness and comfort, but think about it for a second. How much easier would it be to not have to wear them? As I beat mine into submission each time I cannot help but wonder.

Yes, pants are in style, and they make sense in colder weather, but so do tights, or long socks. And while tights might be lumped in with the category of pants, they are stretchy, require no buckles, buttons, zippers or any other fastening paraphernalia. Long socks are even more versatile in that they allow for temperature adjustments and various adornments (should you be so inclined). The men could wear them with ribbons (again, should you be so inclined), and as for the women, well, knee high socks are pretty hot (example above).

Since the month of May I have only worn pants on rare occasions. If the things were not in style any longer, I would not miss them, nor would I begin wearing them again in the colder months. I only do so because it begins to get cooler outside, at times I get lazy, and they are an acceptable form of clothing. If it were not for the last part I would eschew them altogether and spend year long in dresses and tights.

As for men, tell me exactly what is wrong with the kilt, or simply tights? Men were wearing these for centuries. When did it become unacceptable? This is not a rhetorical question; I actually do not know.


Boot Mystery Solved and I Need A Pedicure

I am an awesome detective. And my awesome I mean dim witted because this took me a long time to figure out. And I lost many socks in the process.
If you are confused (and I totally understand if you are), a few weeks back I wrote a post about Courtney Stodden. At the end of the post there was a non sequitur about my socks, with a promise for a later explanation as to why I just randomly mentioned them. The next day I wrote said explanation on a different site I write for (because that is how my brain works).
So my shoes were eating my socks and causing holes almost every day. I blamed the shoes, but refused to retire them because they are cute. So I took their constant sock eating as a sign that I have quircky shoes. I mean, isn’t that what we say about our friends who happen to eat socks?
Last night I got a hole in my right sock. This is the first time my right shoe caused any problems. “Oh no, not you too…” I groaned in my head (because it was late, and Hubby was sleeping, and I didn’t want him to wake up finding me talking to my shoes.) Oddly, the left sock was intact. So I threw away the right one, and put the left one in the hamper. Since I have been going through so many socks lately I stopped throwing away entire pairs. I will throw away the torn one, and once two get holes I use the left over ones to make new pairs. So basically I am wearing Easter bunnies on my right foot and pink hearts on my left.
Anyway, I am totally off topic now, and I had a point that ended with me getting a pedicure, I just have to find my way back there. So, after disposing of the socks I just found it too curious that the sock holes reversed feet. I started looking inside both shoes and poking around. It was glaring right at me, and I cannot believe I had not seen it sooner. I have been blaming my shoes all this time, when really I should have been blaming my feet for eating the socks.
If you are still reading this I am sure the suspense is killing you. Just a little? You see, I have not had a pedicure since Ducky was about five weeks old (right before I went back to work). Tomorrow he is going to be nine months old. I can’t count, but even I know it has been a long time. So my toe nails (despite being trimmed down as to not stab Hubby in his sleep), are very sharp, jagged, and pretty messed up. I put on some blue polish last month. But that is about the same as trying to put some powder on a leper. But the shoes have been absolved. So at least one good thing happened here. If I end up getting a pedicure as a result of this, then we can count two good things.
Now we can all stop glaring at my shoes. And I need a pedicure.