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A New Dress

I bought a dress. I know, shocking. But this dress is special because I bought it online, something I have never done before.I have been actively wanting this dress for almost a year now (

But what if her mid thigh form fitting dress is past the knee and bulky on me? Yes, I know I can return it, but that seems like quite the hassle.

I have similar dresses, so I know the style works for me. But these were store bought, and tried on a zillion times. (The dress in the picture below is actually very similar in style to the one above, but in a different color and not a turtle neck).

I have been hesitant about online shopping because I have bought tops and jackets online before, and they have never fit properly. The problem is usually the model representation on the site. She looks fabulous, but she has curves, is probably a good five inches taller than me, and has more than likely had the clothes tailored to her exact dimensions.

However, winter is coming, and the dress just went on sale, and I have a new pair of black boots… so…. wish me luck!


Today was just one of those days that was just meant to be. I originally arbitrarily picked today as a shopping day because I needed a new dress and I happen to have Friday’s off, unbeknownst to me that it happens to be the first day of a major seasonal sale at just about every store at the mall. I found an amazing black dress demure enough for a wedding, but lovely enough for anything else I want to do in it. Plus, it was on sale, so having saved way more money than I had anticipated I also bought another dress that just as easily converts from office to whatever. And even with buying two dresses I spent less than I was expecting to spend on one. I am happy.

Prior to going to the mall I also found out about two other things I had never heard of. While both are interesting, one is far more relevant to me. Tanya wanted to go to a specialty breast feeding store. Two kids, and I had no clue about this. Considering I will not be having any more children, I have no need for this type of store. But if any of you are interested, Google the concept and I am sure there is something like this in your area. I wish I had known about this, um, four years ago. It is actually a pretty useful store.

Then, as Tanya and I were walking to get lunch, I saw something called a Dry Bar. I found the name rather strange, so I looked them up (as opposed to just walking in and figuring it out right then). Apparently dry bars are places where they give you champagne while blow drying your hair. I was intrigued. A hair dryer *and* champagne. It sounds like a great idea. What more can a woman ask for?