A New Dress

I bought a dress. I know, shocking. But this dress is special because I bought it online, something I have never done before.I have been actively wanting this dress for almost a year now (venus.com).

But what if her mid thigh form fitting dress is past the knee and bulky on me? Yes, I know I can return it, but that seems like quite the hassle.

I have similar dresses, so I know the style works for me. But these were store bought, and tried on a zillion times. (The dress in the picture below is actually very similar in style to the one above, but in a different color and not a turtle neck).

I have been hesitant about online shopping because I have bought tops and jackets online before, and they have never fit properly. The problem is usually the model representation on the site. She looks fabulous, but she has curves, is probably a good five inches taller than me, and has more than likely had the clothes tailored to her exact dimensions.

However, winter is coming, and the dress just went on sale, and I have a new pair of black boots… so…. wish me luck!

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