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8 Things

So there is this trend on Facebook where people are posting lists of random facts about themselves. Aside from learning things about my friends, I enjoy creating these lists because they get me thinking about myself as in “what do others not know?” or “what don’t I ever explore?” Um… considering I blog about everything, not much. So I dredged up a few things that some people know, but others may not. Quirky? Maybe.

1. I don’t like symmetry. I don’t like things that match. I like off-center art, and don’t buy sets of identical things.

2. I enjoy my time alone more than I enjoy company. Sorry y’all.I love you, but in increments.

3. I use the Socratic method to come to conclusions or decide on things, except in a bizarre way. I won’t know what to do so I talk it out with myself, asking questions. I answer myself. I have yet to come to any good conclusions.

4. Winter is my favorite season.

5. I leave on a whim quite often.  Once I wanted ice cream, and drove all the way up to the Bay Area to get it (Fenton’s Creamery). Had ice cream. Drove back down.

6. I don’t like receiving flowers. I don’t like being given something that is simultaneously dead and continually dying. Keep the flowers and get me a cup of coffee.

7.  I don’t like it when people cry. It freaks me out, and as if I wasn’t socially awkward enough, what am I supposed to do about this?? If it is my fault I can apologize, but really I prefer we just talk. If I didn’t have anything to do with why they are crying… then I am really uncomfortable and confused.

8. Silly things get me very excited. I like all silliness.