Almost Two

Ducky will be two in less than two months and I am beginning to think about what I should do for his birthday. I have managed to keep the kid alive for two years. That should be a celebration onto itself. I should get a new dress. No? That is not how this works? Well, then I will just get the dress anyway and call it a day.

Ok, back to his birthday planning. I want to do a theme. Can you guess which one? Ducks! I bet you didn’t see that coming. I know, I know, but really now, for how much longer do you think I can get away with this? I can’t imagine my teenage son will want ducky themed birthday parties. So I am enjoying it while it lasts (read: while he has no opinion and/or cannot articulate well enough so I can pretend I don’t understand what he is saying when he protests).

Believe it or not, this is actually quite a common theme. Otherwise I don’t think there would be as many duck ¬†oriented birthday party paraphernalia items. Of course I am also open to suggestions. If anyone else with a vested interest in this party has anything to say about it, then I will consider other themes.

Before anyone gets too excited, there are a few things I will veto outright. No dinosaurs. We did a dinosaur-like theme for his first birthday. That was very nice. Should he request it again when he is better adapted to speech, then it may again be taken into consideration. In the interim, no dinosaurs. No lions. Currently the lion is his favorite animal and he is obsessed with these creatures. I blame everyone who bought him lion stuffed animals and toys at birth and for his first birthday because he happens to be a Leo. Very clever. I am still waiting for my bow and arrows. However, because I don’t see this lion fetish abating any time soon, I am saving this for his third birthday. He will be far more cognizant, and maybe even remember it down the line. No Curious George or Winnie the Pooh. Just because.

In the meantime I will be fantasizing about all the yummy duck looking desserts I get to bake and decorate.

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